Hello and welcome to The Whole Life Solution!  I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to be The Whole Life Solutionsharing with you my passion for helping people to find happiness and their inner strength in their lives.

Increasing your personal joy and wellbeing along with increasing your inner strength will allow you to be able to create life on your terms.  The self help program I have put together here is something that I myself have always been after, and it seeks to provide both a unique philosophical view of what we call the self in all of its aspects, as well as some of the best tools to be able to maximize joy, success, and growth in your life.

From basic inner peace and some tools to create life on your terms, all the way up to how to attain total joy in life, The Whole Life Solution is the Swiss army knife of personal healing, empowerment, and happiness.  So welcome to The Whole Life Solution, and I look forward to assisting you further in your journey!


About Me



My Story

My name is Justin Vanderwende and I am the creator and founder of The Whole Life Solution.  The Whole Life Solution is the culmination of more than 15 years of my journey for understanding suffering and for finding truth at the same time.

Like many, I grew up in a particularly difficult home and background, and sought first and foremost to understand why there was so much suffering in my own personal world.  I then wanted to discover why there was so much suffering in the world in general.

So I began my journey by watching and observing the people around me, which led me to asking my own internal questions about life.  It wasn’t long before I was delving into all kinds of books in search for the answers for healing and solutions.

At the same time I was brought to a family therapist around the age of 6 as my parents got a divorce and some felt it would be good if I went.  I found that I really enjoyed therapy, because I had someone who would actually listen to me and take me seriously, and that I could also exchange philosophical ideas with about life.

It was around the age of 15 that I fell into sort of an existential depression and felt lost and stuck.  In a most unexpected turn of events, I was introduced to a book called Conversations with God that completely transformed my life.

In fact, I also had some sort of a mystical or transcendental experience where I felt that I had found something deep within myself that I felt I had lost.  Needless to say, my thirst for truth and answers increased ten fold.

At this point not only was I seeing therapists and doctors for various answers, and not only was I reading tons of books, but I began going to all kinds of seminars for self help as well as spiritual retreats.  I heard and learned personally from some of the greatest teachers in the world in various subjects of expertise, but for whatever reason it never seemed like any one particular person or group had all the answers that I personally needed.

In fact it got to the point where I started to focus on my emotional blockages in relation to spiritual life, and no one was able to adequately help me with it.  I mean I went to traditional therapists, shadow workers, inner child workshops, personal development workshops, various kinds of spiritual healers, gurus, spent all kinds of time meditating and doing yoga among other things.

And of course all these things were great, but I could never understand why it seemed that the emotional health and wellbeing of being human was not addressed with some of the more lofty spiritual teachings, and why it was that those places focusing on emotional healing never seemed to connect the higher realities of spiritual teachings.  My question was always why were these two worlds apart?

Getting tired of having to go on a wild goose chase to get all the answers to the issues I was facing, and feeling it was ridiculous to have to do so, I began to wonder why there wasn’t a better model for the self that connected everything together for personal development, emotional healing, and spiritual growth.

A model that could not only explain these things in a simple and concise way, but could also provide the tools to take care of most of these things in one place while allowing the flexibility for those who had their own paths or wanted to mold it to their liking in some way.

It was because of this great interest of mine, coupled with the complicated and difficult journey I had to undertake to find real answers and healing to my own internal issues and longings for truth that I had this idea for what is now The Whole Life Solution.

Being someone who developed a hyper vigilant mind set in regards to truth and healing and having left no stone unturned in my search, I can tell you that this is a unique course, method and process that you will derive benefit from regardless of where you are in your journey for growth and healing.

Perhaps my favorite part about it is that it is designed to be done all on your own and in your own time, and does not require you to go to a massive workshop with hundreds or even thousands of people and to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

As stated above, I truly couldn’t be more excited to have not only been able to synthesize and create something that I know can have real value for the world, but to be able to share it with you as well.  My greatest passion is your genuine happiness, and I am dedicated and available to help you to achieve that in your life, both conceptually as well as experientially.

The best part is, I’ve experienced unbelievable states of joy and bliss personally myself and know they exist as well as how to find that for yourself.  I hope you’ll join me in becoming a part of The Whole Life Solution family.

My Experience and Expertise

As stated, I have studied and learned from countless sources on wellness, healing, and spirituality for more than 15 years, as well as having learned from some of the world’s greatest teachers, healers and guides.

These include but are not limited to: being a well versed and seasoned student of A Course in Miracles, an initiate of the ancient science of Kriya Yoga and a direct disciple of Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, a student of TLC The Living Course involving intensive inner child work, a student of Tony Robbins as well as a former student of Shusara Akona Kumara of The Kumara Center for Spiritual Awareness.

My primary purpose and passion is to connect and simplify the world’s greatest teachings and tools available for discovering and realizing one’s true self, as well as to connect people with their greatest passions.

Why I Want to Help People

At the core, helping people to alleviate their internal suffering in their life as well as to get rid of mental confusion and uncertainty is my absolute passion.  I know first hand what suffering in many different ways is like as well as to be lost in the forest of life with no compass.

Not only is helping people to cut through the fog of misery and confusion my primary passion, but I have found that what is currently available to people in the form of direction and tools that actually work as in the world of psychotherapy are severely lacking for whatever reason.

I have seen so many people suffering in life not just due to things like hunger, but really internal suffering.  Emotional pain and suffering that are unresolved and uncared for in many instances.

I’ve seen families torn apart from these things as well as people having trouble in not reaching their full potential in their life because they are still carrying around unresolved emotional issues and unresolved emotional pain.  So many people have the philosophy to ‘just get over it’ while they continue to carry pain around that affects so many areas of their lives.

My philosophy is not to ‘just get over’ anything, but rather to acknowledge and move through whatever is within you

My business and passion is joy and helping other people to feel that as well.  And based on my own personal journey and tinkering around with various methods for healing and empowerment, I am absolutely confident that I can help people to access the joy that is already within them, to remove any blockages that may be holding them back, and then to consequently create life on their terms rather than be blown about haphazardly by the winds of fate.

And when people have genuine inner peace and joy and learn how to share that with others, it will help to lead to a more peaceful world.

The Goal of This Site

The overall goal of The Whole Life Solution site is to be a central hub of information, resources, and tools for being able to identify anything holding us back in life and to be adequately able to heal it, as well as to provide people with the information and tools to live life on their terms.  Whether people are looking to improve their lives just a little, or to take their personal journey all the way up to spiritual realization and total wholeness and joy, The Whole Life Solution as a website is designed to be just that, the WHOLE life solution.

Nothing will be unexplored for people as far as concepts go in relation to personal health and wellbeing, and every aspect of our being and how they interconnect will be covered here in great detail.  Again, it’s designed for people to be able to go as far as they want with their journey, but to be able to benefit in their lives if they aren’t necessarily interested in spirituality, for example.

As a method and technique, The Whole Life Solution is a unique, simple, yet powerful process for taking care of every aspect of our lives.  It provides powerful tools for strengthening our ability to focus mentally.

It provides the tools for being able to identify and process through any unresolved emotional trauma or anything that may come your way.  The Whole Life Solution provides tools for being able to go within and meditate, finding your own inner peace and joy.

And it also offers the tools to be able to reprogram the subconscious mind by identifying negative self talk and negative thinking habits, to powerfully change them, as well as to be able to design and create whatever you’d like in your life.

In other words, it is a simple, powerful, self contained program for self healing, self empowerment, and self growth on all levels.  Traditional therapy and the use of medication certainly do have their place, and what is being offered here is no substitute for professional help if you feel you need it.

However, The Whole Life Solution is capable of being a powerful aid and tool to help you to process through and heal whatever is holding you back in life, to be able to discover your own inner power, and then to be able to create whatever life you’d like for yourself.  It is designed to make your life easier, and to be able to go beyond what traditional therapy is capable of anyway.

It’s time to take your life back on your own terms, as well as to live your life on your own terms with no strings attached and in a convenient format.  Welcome to The Whole Life Solution.

Should you feel you’d like to reach out to me personally for anything at all, I am always available to help as much as I can, and would love to hear from you.


Justin Vanderwende


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  1. What an exciting concept you have here! And it is soooo needed! So much of our world’s brokenness could be alleviated if individuals were aware of their inner life and gave it as much consideration as they do their bodies and their possessions. We need more awareness and integration, not more busyness and stuff.
    Keep up the good work! I’ll be anxious to see what your course looks like when you have it available.

    1. Thank you Kathleen I appreciate that! I also agree that what people and the world need overall is a look within themselves to see what’s working and what isn’t working. I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated as to when the course itself is coming out, but I’ll be referencing other tools and means to start to change our inner worlds so we can start to see a change in our outer worlds.

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