Emotional Health and Happiness – Is There a Connection?

Emotions!  What a vague and somewhat complicated subject, depending on how emotionally in tune you already are with yourself.

For many people emotional health and happiness, being in touch with their own emotions, and consequently the emotions of others comes quite naturally.

So much so in fact that these sorts of people many times have trouble understanding that there are also a great number of us out there who are completely baffled by the entire world of emotions, let alone how to adequately identify and express what we are truly feeling in any given moment.

Some chalk emotions up to just feeling things that don’t really matter one way or another.  They reason that a purely intellectual and mental approach to life is quite sufficient to get along and be successful.  But interestingly enough many times these people aren’t truly happy.

I actually met someone one time who said they didn’t know what happiness was, you know, like conceptually.  It was quite interesting to hear that because I don’t doubt that he was telling the truth in his own experience.

But it’s kind of sad as well, not knowing the genuine happiness and joy that is within one’s very own being.  My passion and obsession is getting down to the nitty gritty of not only what emotions are but how to access them scientifically, especially for those who have a hard time with them normally.

And you know, I’m no doctor, but I’ve got a funny feeling that there really is a connection between emotional health and happiness itself.

Is There a Connection Between Emotional Health and Happiness?

Many people might say that the connection between emotional health and happiness is a no brainer.  In fact, many people might say this when considering this idea.

But I have come to the conclusion that in the search for happiness itself, starting with emotional health and wellbeing is actually the perfect place.

Perhaps we don’t know what actually makes us happy or where or how to find happiness.  And perhaps we’ve heard things like, happiness is within, without knowing exactly what that means or how to go within.

Maybe some don’t want to get involved with things like spirituality but would just like a little more peace in their life.

In all cases, I find that getting in touch with our emotional selves and beginning to get in touch with our own emotional needs is the very first step not just toward optimum emotional health, but to happiness as a whole.

What Does Emotional Health Actually Mean?

So what does it mean to be emotionally healthy anyway?  I mean, what is the barometer to gauge such a thing?  In my own experience I have realized first hand that emotional health is in direct relation to how we are able to successfully identify as well as secure getting our emotional needs met.

We all have needs emotionally and knowing what those are is, in my opinion, as important as knowing that thirst is your system telling you you need water and hydration, and hunger is for food.  Knowing A.  what our emotional needs actually are and then B.  being able to get those met is crucial for emotional health.

How Does One Go About Becoming Emotionally Healthy?

We become emotionally healthy by getting in tune with our emotional intelligence, and essentially raising it to where it needs to be.  We need our emotional intelligence to be in working order to know what we need emotionally as well as how to get those needs met as stated before, both for ourselves as well as in our relationship to others.

One of my favorite concepts and terms for emotional health is really just self compassion.  It’s actually and literally caring for yourself as a being, not just giving yourself shelter water and food, but also love and compassion.

It’s actually far more important for us to be able to check in with ourselves periodically and ideally throughout each and every day to see how we are doing and what we need.

Interestingly, as we become more adept at having compassion with ourselves and giving love to ourselves in the form of seeing what our emotional needs are and then making sure they are getting met, it allows us to simultaneously develop a greater capacity for connecting with and caring for others.

It allows us to actually become more intuitive and sensitive in the way we interact with others and understand that they are beings with their own emotional needs as well.  Speaking and interacting with people as if you are intuitively being sensitive to their emotional needs without them ever asking for it is how we build the closest relationships.

They may not know consciously that you are speaking to them with sensitivity to their emotional needs, but they will innately feel that you care about them and will respond in turn.

So when it comes to emotional health and starting on the journey toward becoming emotionally healthy, I would say without a doubt self compassion and practicing it daily is number one.

Getting Our Emotional Needs Met

Of course before we can get our emotional needs met, we must be clear on what they are.  In my own experiences personally as well as in my conscious journey of understanding what the emotional self is, what our emotional needs are as human beings, as well as how to best get those needs met, our emotional needs really boil down to two fundamental and primary needs:  our need to feel a sense of wholeness and fulfillment, and our need to feel a sense of safety and security.

Surely I don’t expect you to believe me or simply to take my word for it, or even to agree with me.  But I have found that these two areas are really what we are after in everything we go after in life, and in everything we try to hold onto and preserve for ourselves.

The only trouble is most of us are doing this unconsciously and so seek to get our own innate needs met in indirect and sometimes in unhealthy and unproductive ways.

This leads only to confusion, disappointment, frustration, and in many cases pain.  This is where we feel we aren’t able to find our sense of wholeness and safety, or if our perceived sources of wholeness or safety are in threat of being taken away from us in some form or fashion.

But there’s good news:  through my years of searching and experimentation with all kinds of emotional healing methods and spiritual growth techniques, I have been able to fine tune a simple yet practical method for being able to get our own needs met internally regardless of our external circumstances.

If you’ve been following me so far, you might be guessing it has something to do with my program for self healing and development:  The Whole Life Solution.  You’d be right.

Take Care of Yourself Emotionally, However You Do It

The Whole Life Solution has been synthesized from some of the absolute best methods for emotional healing and personal growth that I have found in my over 16 years of searching for the best tools and strategies not only for personal success in life, but most importantly for personal healing and wellbeing.

I whole heartedly believe and know without a doubt that The Whole Life Solution contains everything you need and more to heal yourself from whatever emotional pain you may be still carrying around, as well as how to get your emotional needs met in a healthy way.

But I also recognize that what I have created here is by far not the only way to understand what your emotional needs are as well as how to get them met.  There are many ways to do it, my only interest is in saving you tons of time and money and in giving you tools that actually work rather than having to go here and there for solutions that may take many years as I did.

But regardless of whether you choose to get involved with The Whole Life Solution personally, I would like to stress the importance of taking care of yourself emotionally however you can.  Be good to yourself, be kind to yourself.

Check in with yourself each day and as often as you can and continually ask yourself how you are truly feeling and if you are truly happy with whatever you are doing, whatever you are pursuing, and with whomever you happen to be in a relationship with.

And in that respect self compassion is undoubtedly the first place to start in both learning what your emotional needs are, as well as how to get them met.

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