Holosync Technology – A Review of this Powerful Self Improvement Tool

Product: Holosync Audio Technology

Price: $159.00 for mp3, $179.00 for cds. Installment plans available: $28.00 per month for mp3, $32.00 per month for cds

Where to Buy: Centerpointe Research Institute

Guarantee: One year money back guarantee

My Rating: 10/10

Holosync Audio Technology, Product Overview

I. Love. Holosync. Period. Ever since I found out about this powerful tool for self-improvement, healing, and aid to finding inner peace, I have had Holosync with me. When I heard about it and visited the site, I didn’t leave without downloading my free sample of this amazing Holosync technology.

You are able to purchase Holosync as mp3’s or as cd’s. When you put your headphones on and either sit back and relax or lie down, you are welcomed by the sound of soft and gentle rain with crystal bowls playing underneath.

The special technology that Holosync uses to promote personal growth, healing, and well being are binaural beats and a low frequency hum to stimulate the two hemispheres of your brain, giving you more whole-brain functioning. The result is the most relaxing, enjoyable experience for your brain you’ve ever had in your life.

Holosync starts out with the level called Awakening Prologue, which of course is the first level in the collection. There are 13 primary levels to Holosync, but they are all self-contained and there is no need or obligation to continue to any of the other levels if you don’t want to.

All that happens with each subsequent level is that the carrier frequency is lowered a certain extent that provides your brain with a more powerful stimulation in which to grow, expand and push your mental and emotional thresholds to new levels. But, as stated, even with simply using Awakening Prologue, the benefits you will reap are nothing short of amazing.

The Overall Benefits that Holosync Offers are Unbelievable

Holosync is referred to as a meditation technology, and that is true, but it is also quite unique in that it provides one with benefits on virtually every level of their being. For starters, it allows one to meditate extremely deeply by simply listening to it. We’re talking levels of meditation that are generally only reached by those who have been practicing for many years.

One of the very real benefits that I have experienced myself is that there is a very real reduction in stress and anxiety. In fact Holosync claims, and I can personally verify these claims, that stress and anxiety will simply melt away. Not only will you be able to have a reduction in stress, but your threshold for how much stress you can handle while staying calm in intense situations will rise dramatically. It’s almost unbelievable but it’s absolutely true.

Your ability to mentally focus and gain a greater control over your concentration will increase substantially. Your creativity and insight will increase as well, as the technology balances the two hemispheres of your brain and allows you to function in more of a whole-brain capacity. While using Holosync various neurochemicals are also released into your system that have been proven to slow the aging process.

My favorite of course is that it is a powerful yet simple tool for healing unresolved and “stuck” emotional issues. Emotional issues buried and suppressed within you that have been holding you back will be powerfully yet graciously loosened up and brought to your conscious awareness so that you can deal with them. But the best part about this is that the Holosync actually makes it far easier FOR you to let your emotional blockages drop away.

On top of these amazing benefits alone, Holosync will allow you to have more restful nights, your confidence will start to soar, habits and addictions that you’ve been struggling with will be a lot easier to overcome or simply drop, and your overall feelings of happiness and well being will flow through your life.

Holosync Promotes and Enhances All Around Development

As you can see, Holosync truly does promote all around development for your entire life and being. It primarily enhances ones mental and emotional well being, allowing more powerful yet faster healing emotionally. This will unchain you from the obstacles holding you back in life, while increasing your mental focus and creativity to live the life that you’d like.

But other really neat things also begin to happen from using it. Life itself seems to open up more somehow and more and more opportunities start to flow your way. There seems to be some abstract invisible connection and link between ones emotional and mental state and the world around them that they experience. It would seem to be inexplicable, but all I can say from firsthand experience is that Holosync does heal and change you on the inside, so it would only make sense that your outer world would shift along with it.

As stated above as well, it also promotes longevity in your life span and slows down the aging process, which would be considered physical benefits. With a renewed zest for life, starting to eat healthier and exercise more will often become easier to achieve as well.

For me personally, Holosync has helped with deeply rooted pain from emotional abuse and neglect from my past to be healed and let go. It helps tremendously for those who suffer from intense stress disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder or what’s known as complex post-traumatic stress disorder, as it helps in taking one out of the constant state of fight or flight mode.

It’s Perfectly Compatible with Any Religious or Spiritual Path

Now some might say to themselves, wait a minute, this is meditation technology? What if things like meditation aren’t a part of my particular religious or spiritual path?

The beautiful thing about it is that it is perfectly compatible with any belief system you have, or even any spiritual practice you already have.

I myself am a regular meditator anyway and have a spiritual path of my own, yet for me Holosync has not only made it easier for me to meditate, but as described above is tremendous for my emotional and mental well being. And so in this capacity I consider Holosync to be a tool for emotional healing and for greater mental performance, which in turn enhances every area of my life, including my spiritual one.

If you are deeply devoted to a particular religious or spiritual path, using Holosync will deepen your relationship to your higher self, it will deepen your devotion, and it will also give you a greater and deeper understanding of the mysteries of your particular religion. Truly, it is a wonderful tool that will only enhance your religious or spiritual path, not hinder it in any way. This is another wonderful reason I love Holosync, being a spiritual person myself.


Honestly, Just Get Yourself Some Holosync

As I’m sure you’re gathering, there really isn’t much else to say here. Holosync Audio Technology is nothing short of revolutionary and amazing.

It will provide you with a real sense of tangible well being in your life, but it will also push you to grow and expand emotionally and mentally gently and in your own time.

It will enhance absolutely every area of your life: personal, emotional, mental, social, financial, physical, and spiritual. When it comes to things like needing to go see a therapist about any issues that may be troubling you, Holosync allows you to move through and process those issues far greater and faster than any therapy process that exists. And I say this from personal experience as well.

So, what are you waiting for?


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  1. I own several Holosync products and they have been lifesavers for me. I struggle with PTSD and all the nastiness that suggests, including anger, depression, and anxiety.

    When I’m in crisis, Holosync quickly entrains my mind to a quiet, peaceful place. I highly recommend it to anyone who must manage stress or anger, or who just wants to feel better and have greater mental clarity.

    1. Hey Gary! I’m so glad to hear you use Holosync. It has been a lifesaver for me as well, having cptsd myself. It’s amazing technology that has been developed here and I imagine it will continue to become more popular as time goes on. Did you go through all the levels? I’m still in the Awakening levels myself.

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