How to Focus on You – 3 Simple Steps to Make Sure YOU Are Getting What You Need

Do you ever find yourself feeling worn out from everything you have to accomplish in a day, with little to no time for yourself?

Do you feel a little resentment perhaps in that it seems like everyone is getting what they need except, well, you?

If so, you’re far from alone.

We’re busy people!

We’ve got school, work, kids, bills, family, and everything else that needs to get done.

But don’t worry, because we’re going to show you how to focus on you with 3 simple steps that you can put into practice while still getting everything else done.

The Importance of ‘Me’ Time

It’s true.

We’re busy and we’ve got a lot going on.

BUT, it’s still important to take some time for YOU.

You know, to make sure you’re getting some time to do the things you enjoy doing.

To get a little R and R as they call it, so you can recharge and be your best self.

“But I just don’t have the time!”, you might find yourself thinking to yourself.

And it’s in moments like this that I’m reminded of that line from the movie The Matrix Reloaded where the Merovingian says, “if we do not ever take time, how can we ever have time?”.

It’s a smooth line, right?

But it’s true.

We MUST start making it a point to start taking a little time for ourselves during the day and during the week.

Because if you think about it, if you DON’T have any time for you, then what’s the point of everything else you’re doing?

It’s important to take time for yourself so that you feel that your needs are being met, you are experiencing some joy in life, and you are able to RECHARGE your batteries for everything else you’ve got going on in your life.

So here are 3 simple steps to help you do this even if you don’t think you can!

1.  Schedule at Least an Hour a Day that’s Just for YOU

When you’re making your daily list or schedule of things you have to do for the day, be sure to schedule some time for yourself.

Even if it’s just an hour where you can read something you enjoy or watch something you enjoy on tv, or maybe just take a walk.

Maybe you have a hobby that you’ve been neglecting because of everything else going on that you can spend some time on now.

Maybe there’s something you’ve always wanted to pick up as a hobby that you can use this time on now, or if you don’t have a hobby or something that interests you, now you can take this time to find something that you enjoy doing.

Perhaps there’s something that you’ve always wanted to learn.

Well, now you have a little time each day to do it.

“Sounds good”, you might be saying.

“But I just don’t have the time in my day!”

Remember what we touched on before?

We’ve got to MAKE time.

The world, the bills, the family and everything else will always be there and will always need your attention.

So why not selfishly steal a little time away for yourself?

If your day is really THAT jam packed where you can’t POSSIBLY fit in anything else, then let’s check out tip number 2.

2.  Get Up a Little Earlier Each Day

Have you ever been in one of those places in life where you really wanted to lose weight or get in a little better shape, so you convinced yourself that you’d get up an hour or so earlier to squeeze it in?

And you know that feeling when you hear that alarm clock going off that’s WAY too early and all you want to do is go back to sleep instead of, you know, going out to exercise or something in the dark?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

And for many of us that resistance actually wins after a while and we stop our commitment so we can sleep in a bit longer.

But what if we got up earlier for something that we actually enjoyed?

What if we got up an hour early just to sneak down stairs and play some video games or watch something funny on tv without having to worry about anything else for that time?

That might make it a little easier to get up early, AND be able to fit some me time into your schedule.

But seriously, if your schedule is SO jam packed to the gills that you couldn’t possibly fit in some time for yourself, why not get up a little earlier and use that time to simply focus on YOU?

Even if it’s not exercise and it is something ‘selfish’ like reading a book you enjoy or working on some kind of hobby, believe it or not it will still be doing something healthy for yourself on an emotional and spiritual level.

Think about it.

If you’re taking some time to do something you enJOY, then you are essentially filling yourself up with joy to be used on the day that hasn’t even started yet!

Wouldn’t that make you feel better and in turn pass that joy onto others even if it’s just in small simple ways?

And how could that not be good for you AND for everyone else?

So why don’t you try it out?

Make it easy for yourself.

Just find something you enjoy if you don’t have something already, and start waking up a little earlier each day just to do that.

See how you feel after you start your day with something light, fun, and enJOYable!

3.  Schedule Something Fun for Yourself Each Week or A Couple Times a Month

Tip 3 is similar to the others in that you will be taking time out of your day to focus on yourself, but this will be something more than just an hour a day.

This will be something fun like going to some place new to try to eat with yourself or with your partner if you have one.

It could be visiting a museum or going some place you’ve never been before that’s relatively close by.

It could even be something as simple as going to see a movie and going to get something to eat.

You might think it silly to schedule something fun to do for yourself on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but don’t you schedule things with other people and for other people all the time?

And why do you schedule things in the first place?

Because they are important or worth the time?

Well, aren’t YOU important and worth the time?

And if you don’t think you are subconsciously, that might be something else you could explore about yourself altogether.

(hint:  you ARE valuable, worthwhile, and important in case you didn’t already know that)

Summing it All Up

So what do you think?

Do you think you might be able to pull some of the suggestions off for yourself in the coming days and weeks?

Do you think you could start taking conscious time out of each day, week, and at least a couple times a month to focus on something that brings YOU JOY?

It’s certainly doable as we’ve discussed.

Even if it’s just an hour a day and doing something more fun and involved at least once a month

Why not take time for yourself to fill yourself up with a little joy each day?

Will it not have a positive effect on you and in turn those around you in small yet unexpected ways?

I suppose the only way to find out is to just give it a shot.

So go ahead.

Enjoy yourself.

And if you have anything to share in the comments below I’d love to hear them.

Have fun!



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