Why Taking Time for Yourself is Important – Learning to Love Yourself

How are you today? No, really, how are you? Have you thought about that in relation to yourself at all today? Of course we hear these things throughout the day and even exchange the question to others, but how often do we really taken a moment or two and ask ourselves how we’re doing?

In the western world and in much of the world now, it’s all about going going going and making sure the needs of the world and everything around us are taken care of. But why is it that we aren’t taught in some of our societies to take time for ourselves?

After all, haven’t we heard before that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves? We’ve got down pat how to take care of the needs of others, but I think it’s time we explore just exactly why taking time for yourself is important.

Are You Emotionally and Mentally Drained?

How many times have we felt drained emotionally, mentally, physically, or all of the above? Have you ever noticed how many people say they are drained but they never really look into why exactly it is they feel that way? Is it normal for us to feel drained all the time?

Of course we all know that we can be drained physically, and we all know what we need to do to remedy that. Exercise, hydration, proper foods etc. But how do we recharge ourselves when we feel that our own personal needs aren’t being met? How do we recharge when we aren’t feeling really happy or certain about our lives and where we are headed?

How to Truly Recharge: Taking Time for Yourself

It’s time for humanity to stop for a moment or two each day and to take some time for ourselves. It’s ok, the world won’t come crashing to a halt if you take a little time for yourself.

Looking within yourself and genuinely taking an inventory of how you’re feeling and what you feel might be missing from your well being, and then actually making sure you get the things you feel you need is how you will start to get your needs met.

Are you feeling loved and appreciated? Or are you feeling ignored and under-appreciated? Are you happy, sad, angry, depressed?

Honestly just taking sometime to ask yourself how you’re doing can go a long way to making sure that your needs are being met and consequently to start recharging yourself emotionally.

For those of you who have familiarized yourself with the Being Tree model here on The Whole Life Solution site or have heard me talking about it, our inner self really is like a living breathing plant. And this plant, just like all other plants and life forms, needs care and attention on a daily basis to make sure that it is healthy and thriving.

Just as we need to make sure our plants in our home, if we have one or a number of them, need to be tended to daily, so too does our inner self need to be tended to daily. It’s no different at all. And when you take a little time to water your external plant, or plants, and they respond by staying healthy and vibrant, be sure to take a little time to water your inner Being Tree so that you can stay healthy and vibrant as well.

Taking Time for Yourself is Exercising Self Compassion

It’s been agreed upon by many in the field of mental health and emotional well being that self compassion is the foundation for loving oneself and for taking some time for oneself. Self compassion is self-love, and this is how we get our inner needs met, or how we water and take care of our inner Being Trees.

And what is self compassion? It’s including yourself in the light of your own awareness. It’s loving yourself.

It’s making a commitment to yourself that you are going to take the time daily to check in with yourself and see how you’re doing, to see what your inner needs are, and then to make sure that you actually get those needs met.

Self compassion includes loving yourself the way your mother or father would internally. It’s about how we think to ourselves about ourselves. It’s about how we see ourselves and talk to ourselves. If you’re experiencing a certain amount of anxiety and depression, there might be a possibility that you aren’t being very loving and compassionate with yourself.

Self Compassion is the Best Way to Get Your Inner Needs Met

If you’re stuck on just how exactly to go about getting your needs met, just focus on self compassion. Self compassion in and of itself goes a long way to getting your emotional needs met. The reason is that you are at once acknowledging your own needs and giving yourself love, and this causes you to feel a sense of safety and security.

You can start by noticing your inner thought tendencies and your inner self dialogue to see how you are talking to yourself and treating yourself. Many of us are constantly putting ourselves down and neglecting ourselves, thinking somehow that we are not important or worthy of love, or of adoration and attention.

You can even write down your negative or irrational thoughts that you have to yourself that might cause you some worry or anxiety, and then try to practice writing out positive, compassionate, rational thoughts to counter them. Think of your inner emotional insecurities and needs as sort of your inner child that needs some attention and try speaking lovingly to yourself the way your mother would.

You’d be surprised how even just changing the way we think to ourselves and talk to ourselves can make all the difference in how we enjoy life and experience our days.

Start Taking Time for Yourself Today

However you do it and with whatever method you are interested in using, I couldn’t stress more the importance of taking some time for yourself today. Even if you just take a few moments to calm your thoughts and meditate a little, or you go for a walk, or even just think about what you’re thankful for and excited about in your life.

Doing these things may seem small and insignificant, but they will go a long way in making sure that your emotional needs are being met, that you are getting more out of life, AND that your energy is being restored to you. Who knows, you might even find some genuine happiness and joy along the way that you can then share with the rest of the world.

Breathing air and exercise gets your blood flowing and oxygenates your blood cells.  Drinking water hydrates your system so your brain and body and function properly. Eating food gives your body energy and fuel. And loving yourself has a tendency to bring one joy and fulfillment. Who knew it could be so easy?

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  1. Self compassion is such a difficult thing to do. We push outward giving to activities and those around us often times negating our own needs in the process. I find for me that I long for my yoga and meditation sessions to turn off my mind and find quiet. It is in the quiet that I find rest. It is a hard lesson to think that the act of no thought will actually improve thought. I appreciate your message.

    1. Hi Stacey! I’m a yoga and meditation practitioner myself and find that it is unparalleled in being able to bring one within and give one some personal time to spend with themselves. It certainly seems as if the mind itself is the cause of all our troubles! Being able to quiet it and silence it altogether if one is able is definitely the ultimate in self compassion and in getting ones needs met. I appreciate your comment 🙂

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