Why You Are Important – Knowing Your Value

I don’t know if anyone has ever said this to you or not, but you have value. You are important. You matter. Sometimes we might wonder, either to ourselves or out loud to another, whether we do really matter. Perhaps we feel that our lives and our contribution to the world is insignificant.

But you are significant, and it’s time that you understood why you are important. It’s time to know your value and worth if you don’t know it already. It’s time for you to be on your own side and to love yourself.

How Important Are You in the Grand Scheme of Things?

Sometimes I’ve looked out into the world and have seen all the people in it and wondered to myself what difference I made when there are so many people in the world. Many times I have felt like a grain of sand on the beach, totally insignificant.

But then one day when I was with someone I know, they told me that I had value and I was taken aback. Honestly that was something I simply had never heard anyone say to me before. In my own life growing up I wasn’t treated like I had value.

When this person said this to me, not only was I sort of shocked and confused that someone would say that to me, but I was shocked at the concept itself. And it actually felt good deep within my heart to hear something like that.

I took that statement this person made to me to heart and have never forgotten it. I began to realize that we all have tremendous value and are here in this world for a reason whether we understand it or ourselves or not.

God, the universe, the higher power, whatever you’d like to call it created us, put us here, and gave us breath for a reason. Somehow in some way regardless of how you want to view your existence, you came forth from the cosmos.

You are here. The universe put its seal of approval on you and sent you out on a journey to expand it through your own unique life and experiences. Just think about that.

Your Life Does Have Value

Think about yourself as a human being for a second. You’ve got a brain and a central nervous system. A neocortex and a lower cerebellum. You can speak and do things with your body.

Now think about something that the world as a whole values greatly generally speaking, like say, diamonds. How do you think you stack up value wise against a diamond, or even all the diamonds in the world?

Diamonds are pretty jewels or stones and aren’t the most common things in the world so we value them. But when you boil it down they are just pretty stones. Sure, maybe they have some use in various kinds of equipment for example, but they are just fancy rocks at the end of the day.

Now think about you. Think about what is inside you. If you don’t believe that you have any real worth, think of what a human being is capable of.

Think about the brain that you’ve been given and how you can learn anything you want to learn, and then use your imagination to create things that can benefit yourself or mankind.

You may not see it this way, but you can literally use your imagination to bring things into manifestation merely from a thought. You are literally adding to the universe, and what the universe is, whether you know it or not.

Do You See Your Own Value and Worth?

Unfortunately many times people can have a low opinion of themselves, or low self-worth, due to their upbringing. It’s the conditioning over and over from your parents, and those around you on a regular basis, who really serve to create the foundation of how you see and feel about yourself.

If your parents are reasonable, kind, loving and provide you with most of the things you need to grow and prosper as a child and as a person, then your sense of self-worth will be pretty healthy and strong. On the other hand, if your parents are not emotionally available themselves or they have a low sense of their own selves, they may create within you a general sense of worthlessness.

If this is the case for you, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have value. It simply means that those around you who didn’t treat you with value couldn’t see your value, nor could they see their own value. In turn, you now have trouble seeing your own worth.

You Are Important Whether You Believe it or Not

Just as the sun is sometimes obscured by the clouds, it does not mean that the sun is not still there, and it doesn’t mean that the sun has stopped shining. So it is with your own self and your self-worth. Your value is there whether you can see it or not.

Of course it’s one thing to hear someone tell you that you have value and that you have worth, and it’s another thing entirely to be able to see it for yourself. But see it for yourself you must if you are to raise your self-esteem and to start valuing yourself so that you can feel inner joy and a sense of overall well being.

One thing I found to be helpful in regard to seeing my own self-worth was in doing things that challenged me to face my fears in some way. When I faced my fears, generally by being open and vulnerable with others, I experienced my own inner light and inner power. When I experienced this, it helped me to be able to see and access my own inner worth tremendously.

Maybe it’s Time to Start Valuing Yourself

So I don’t know where you’d put your own self value or worth in your own eyes on a scale of 1-10, but I for one want you to know that you very much do have immense value. The world wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t here.

Even if you are living sort of a mediocre life as you might judge it, even if it seems like you don’t have any special skills or areas of expertise, I’m telling you that you simply have not found your own inner gold yet. But it is there.

I’ll give you a hint on how to find it also. The source of your worth and value is the same source that is pulling your breath in and out. If you become aware of it and start to follow where your breath is coming from, it will help you to start to experience a little joy and some peace within you.

It’s interesting that in my own personal experience as well, I found that the more I started to value myself, the more genuine joy and love I started to experience within me. I started to feel more confidence and just a general sense of well being and happiness, all contained within myself.

I don’t know where you are in your life or how you see and view yourself, but if you have had a difficult time in the past being able to see your own worth and value, maybe it’s time you started to take a look within and find your own inner sun that is always there and is always shining.

Invest in and take time for yourself. You are worth more than you know, and more than all the diamonds in the Earth.

So where would you say your own self-worth is at this point in time? Do you have value for yourself or do you have a hard time seeing it?

Also, what are some things you might be able to do in order to start to value yourself more? Comment below with your thoughts, and I’ll be happy to add my two cents in if you’re looking for further resources on how to do this.

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