How to be Happy in Life – The Science AND the Art of Happiness

It’s funny to me that people in the world that we live in seem to have everything but happiness.  I mean, it’s not that NOBODY is happy, but for some reason the question as to how to be happy in life eludes many.

In fact, isn’t happiness at the core of why we do the things that we do in life?  And if that’s the case, why don’t we just go straight for happiness itself instead of going through all these antics and indirect methods in order to achieve it?

Is it Even Possible to be Happy?

Well, yeah.  It is possible to be happy.

There are tons of happy people all over the world, we’re just usually preoccupied with the people who AREN’T happy coupled with, you know, ourselves.

It’s true you could say that many people who seem to be happiest lead the simplest lives.  They may not have a lot of material things but they still manage somehow to find so much happiness anyway.

And then of course there are those people who have everything one could want materially and yet happiness eludes them.  In fact, many people actively wonder why they aren’t happy, and they read certain books or go to see certain therapists or experts in the area of happiness and even still, they can’t seem to find it.

Some people actually believe it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be happy and that depression is our lot in life as human beings.

But it isn’t true.

Happiness DOES exist and there ARE ways to find it in life.

And no, it isn’t about doing something new that you haven’t done before or in taking more walks or in getting a new hobby.  Happiness is the art and the science of cultivating your natural state of ecstatic joy within yourself.

Happiness is a Science and an Art

It is possible to access happiness at will.  And yes, happiness IS within you quite literally.

It’s sort of amazing how everything is set up in our universe.

At this point in human history we’ve come a long way in the areas of science and material advancement.  But for the most part humanity has not really explored the inner sciences of going within oneself and to discover what is actually within oneself.

If they did so people would realize that happiness not only really is within, but can be scientifically accessed.

However, it is also an art in that you also have to know yourself and what makes you tick.

You also have to learn to love yourself.  Self compassion is key to happiness, but it’s amazing how often we can forget ourselves.

In fact you might think you are loving yourself or that loving yourself doesn’t matter (I was one of those), but it is actually the most important thing in life, I would argue, and certainly key if you are to find happiness.

So How Do You Go About Finding Happiness Anyway?

If self love and self compassion are at the foundation of ones quest to find real happiness, spirituality is the ultimate journey toward everlasting bliss and fulfillment.  I say this because the truth is there are only so many tricks you can learn in this world to try to find happiness.

In fact, the truth is, happiness itself is not to be found in the world at all.


I know, it’s crazy.  And sorry to burst your bubble by the way.

But there is no happiness in this world.

You see it’s not just about the notion that inner happiness is kind of an option out there.

The truth is, happiness can ONLY be found within.

But to get back as to the HOW of finding happiness goes, it starts with self love and radical self care.  What does this mean?

You’ve got to start to become conscious with yourself.  You’ve got to start to become aware of the thoughts you are having on a regular basis and start to actively transform them to loving thoughts and supportive thoughts of and for yourself.

You’ve got to start taking time for yourself.  To actively make sure that your emotional needs are being met on a daily and regular basis.

Eating healthy and exercising are in and of themselves HUGE components of self love and self care.  Would you put all the crap and alcohol and other things into your babies body that you put into your body?

No?  Why?  Because you CARE about the babies well-being.

So I suppose the real question is:  does putting garbage in your body mean that you somehow don’t like yourself?

Hmmmm.  Food for thought.

Really taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and making sure your needs are being met on a regular basis is how you care for yourself and have self compassion.

And you’ll notice that as you’re doing these things for yourself you will FEEL a general sense of peace and well-being, and at some points just plain joy within you.

But this is just the beginning.

The next step toward taking happiness not only to the next level, but beyond all levels, is what spirituality is truly about.

Spirituality:  The Path to Unlimited Bliss, Happiness, Joy, and Fulfillment

I’m honestly amazed that the term spirituality hasn’t been given the general definition of the path to happiness or the science of happiness, because that’s exactly what it is.

I think a lot of people don’t know what spirituality is really for and kind of move passed it as being useless.  Many religious people are terrified out of their minds with various beliefs, prejudices, and judgments, but isn’t the whole point of religion to find salvation?

And what could be a better definition of salvation than the attainment of ultimate and unlimited bliss, peace, happiness, and joy?

Of course there are many spiritual paths as you well know, and just because you are part of a spiritual path or religion does not necessarily automatically mean you are going to find happiness.

But if you are sincere and devout, you WILL unlock levels of joy and bliss within you that perhaps you didn’t realize were there to begin with.

You know all those rules and suggestions and commandments in religion are not there to torture you, but to actually show you the path to true and everlasting happiness.

With all that said, I can tell you from personal experience that the real fire rite of spirituality and of having the ability to cultivate joy and peace within you can be done with scientific yoga meditation.

In fact this is what it yoga is all about.

Yoga Meditation:  The Penultimate of Scientifically Finding Happiness

Of course to be honest following any practice of yoga meditation will yield a good deal of joy and bliss.  But there is one method in particular that is particularly powerful and effective for this, and it’s called the science of Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga and similar paths actually give one the ability to turn their minds inward and away from the material and sensory world quite powerfully and effectively.  By doing this, one will automatically see and experience the great light and joy within.

Although Kriya Yoga is quite powerful and effective at yielding peace and joy to one fast, AND of taking one to the ultimate experience of everlasting bliss and happiness in spiritual liberation or enlightenment (although it takes a great deal of devotion and sincerity to achieve this, and few do in one particular lifetime), all you need is a method of tuning the mind within and away from the sensory world.

Even the science of Kabbalah is a science for tapping into unlimited joy and peace in a faster than normal manner.  Really this is what spiritual mysticism is all about:  ramping up the speed and ones ability to access joy within themselves and in turn the world and universe around them.

I myself practice Kriya Yoga and I am initiated into a living lineage or realized sages, and you can check out more about that here.

Self Compassion and Spirituality:  The Keys toward True Happiness

So these are the two fundamental keys toward being able to scientifically access joy and happiness within oneself.

Self compassion on the one hand, and spirituality on the other.

However, both self compassion and spirituality do require a certain degree of awareness, effort, and discipline on the part of the individual seeking it.  And many times this is what stands as a road block for people and their happiness, and they indulge in laziness or over gratification of the senses.

THEN they wonder why they are so unhappy and depressed.

But happiness is an art and a science.  It can be had be everyone, but it takes a little work.

Are you worth it?

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