How to Change Your Life for Good – The Whole Life Solution

Have you ever tried to change your life for the better in some way shape or form?

Have you noticed that for whatever reason, changing yourself is a bit difficult?

For many of us, when we’re trying to get rid of some bad habit we have or acquire a new habit, we find that not only is there some internal resistance to doing so, but that we often end up going back to our old ways.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people out there who seemingly have no problem making changes in their lives and sticking to it.

So what do they have that other people don’t have?

Here we’re going to take a look at how to change your life for good so that you can be, do, and become ANYTHING you put your mind to.

You’ve Got to WANT IT

Just like anything else in life, in order to make some changes to your life in one area or another, the first step is you’ve got to really WANT it.

You’ve got to really KNOW deep down in the core of your being that whatever it is you’re wanting to achieve or change in your life, that you want this more than ANYTHING.

You’ve got to want it so bad that you are literally willing to do ANYTHING to make it happen (well, as long as it’s healthy safe and legal!).

There are some things in life that we just naturally have a deep and intense desire for, and so it’s relatively easy to keep our drive toward it going.

But it’s also possible that we can take some time and either think about or even write out, all the reasons as to WHY we want this particular thing or particular change in our lives.

It helps to review this regularly, even daily, in order to keep that desire alive for whatever you have your mind set on.

When you are able to tap into this deep sense of desire for something, you unlock something of a mysterious power within you that allows you to FOCUS your mind in ways that you aren’t really able to do in normal circumstances.

It’s almost like this intense desire and drive for change of some kind in your life gives you the energy and power necessary in order to bring it into manifestation.

So if you’re trying to attain something or achieve some goal, or change something about yourself, you’ve GOT to start with developing a deep and intense DESIRE to make it happen.

This is what’s going to drive you forward even when times get rough and you feel weak.

You’ve Got to Make Your Goal More Desirable Than Staying Where You Are Now

So let’s say we’re talking about changing a habit like quitting smoking.

The cigarettes themselves obviously provide a certain degree of pleasure and enjoyment for you, which is why you like doing it.

But you also know on some level that there are some negative consequences to doing this.

Things like your lungs being negatively impacted, the smoke affecting your skin, having trouble with breathing and exercising, and obviously the increased potential for something more serious like lung cancer.

These are all the primary negative consequences of continuing to smoke, and most of us are aware of this from one degree to another.

Now although it’s a bit painful and uncomfortable if you were to quite smoking cigarettes after a while, you know on some level that there are many positives to quitting:

  • You can get your health back and have more energy.
  • You will be more vibrant and healthy in general.
  • You will dramatically reduce your chances for lung cancer and early death.
  • And many other benefits.

So to help with the transition from being a smoker to quitting smoking, it helps to remind yourself of the painful realities of continuing to smoke and staying where you are, as well as the many benefits of quitting smoking.

In other words, you’ve got to make it more pleasurable in your brain to quitting smoking and being smoke free than it is to be smoking.

You’ve got to rewire your brain and your neural pathways so that being a non smoker is MORE desirable and MORE pleasurable than continuing to be a smoker.

Just like the need to develop an intense desire to change, you’ve got think about or write a list on all the pleasurable and positive things that you’ll receive by quitting the cigarettes, as well as all the painful things that you’ll have to go through if you DON’T change.

When you have the intense desire to change, and you can CLEARLY see WHY you NEED to change, it will make the change much easier.

You’ve Got to Be Committed

Commitment is one of those things that not many of us like to think about.

After all, commitment can be hard!

But as we also all know, there are ALWAYS times where things get tough and it’s harder to stick to our resolutions for change.

As with the example of smoking cigarettes, there are times where quitting is DOUBLY tough.

You know, like when something happens to stress you out or when you are feeling emotional or depressed.

These are all times when it is REALLY tempting to go back to our previous habit.

And yes, it CAN be difficult.

But this is where commitment really comes into play.

Although challenging, commitment is the way that we are to make changes that last for good.

BUT there is some good news.

As briefly touched on above, the reason we have habits is because there are literally neural pathways in our brain that connect together and form different networks in our brains.

Certain neural pathways connect together and form networks where knowledge of something or how to do something is stored.

This is how we learn things, and it’s also how habits are formed.

Now although it does take a little bit of determination and commitment in order to make a change in our lives, the truth is after some time of forming new habits, NEW neural pathways will develop in your brain to make it MUCH easier to change whatever it is your trying to change.

When there are neural pathways that develop around the idea that smoking cigarettes brings lots of PAIN, AND there are neural pathways that develop in your brain around the idea that STOPPING smoking brings tons of PLEASURE, your brain will start to automatically drive you towards your desired goal.

Pretty cool huh?

In other words, your brain is your greatest friend and your greatest enemy depending on how you use it.

And you most certainly CAN use it!

So be committed to your goals and areas where you’d like to change, but also keep in mind that as you move forward and create NEW neural pathways in your brain around your habits, it will become MUCH easier to make your desired change for good.

The Whole Life Solution – A Powerful Way to Help You Make Changes for GOOD

Now although there are many methods, secrets, and techniques out there for being able to STOP habits for good and to make any other changes in your life for good, the fact is that my course and technique that I call The Whole Life Solution is one of the BEST and most EFFECTIVE tools for being able to make changes in your life for GOOD.

You see, unlike many other approaches out there, The Whole Life Solution Course and technique tackles your brain and mind directly, so that ANYTHING you want to achieve in your life becomes much easier from the get go.

The course does indeed show you how to master your mind, but it ALSO shows you how to clear out any emotional blockages and hangups you might be holding onto that might make changes difficult.

To visit our smoking example once again, for many of us there are emotional components to WHY we have certain habits or addictions in the first place.

In other words, the habits we have sort of ‘help’ us with whatever emotional issue we are dealing with, but as we also know there are many negative side effects to doing so.

But when you are clearly and directly shown how to clear out these emotional hangups, and HEAL yourself emotionally while at the same time getting your emotional needs met, the emotional components of your habit or addiction will change FAR faster than if you hadn’t taken care of your emotional hangups around the issue.

The Whole Life Solution covers EVERY area of our well-being to not only allow us to tap into joy, healing, and success in our lives, but to do it POWERFULLY and so that any change you’d like to make LASTS.

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Wrapping it Up

So to sum all this up, to make changes for GOOD in our lives, we MUST:

  • Have DEEP desire for the change we’d like or the goal we’d like to achieve.
  • You’ve got to make changing more desirable than staying where you are now.
  • You’ve got to be committed.

And as we discussed, The Whole Life Solution is a POWERFUL way to go about making sure we are getting all these needs met so we CAN create whatever changes we’d like in our life for good!

Changing yourself is DEFINITELY possible, and you can literally become ANYTHING you want.

You’ve just got to know how to tame your brain and make it work FOR you instead of AGAINST you!

In this way, you will be able to make any change in your life for good.

Over to you now:  do you have something in your life that you’d like to change?

Have you tried to give up some habit or addiction before but found you kept going back to your old habits?

I’d love to hear your experiences as well as your thoughts and feelings on what was discussed in the comments below!

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Be well.


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