How to Earn a Living Doing What You Love – 3 Simple Steps to Freedom

Would you like to earn a living doing what YOU LOVE to do?

Who wouldn’t, right?

Well, the fact of the matter is that it has never been easier to turn your passion into a business, either part time or full time.

So in this post, we are going to cover 3 simple steps on how to earn a living doing what you love.

Step 1:  Think About What Brings You the Most Joy and Fulfillment if You Don’t Know Already

So the first step might seem quite obvious, but the truth is there are many of us out there who simply don’t know what our passions or joys are.

If you fall into this category, why not spend some time exploring different areas in life to find out what brings you joy and passion?

It could be something unexpected that you never would have thought would be a passion of yours.

Treat the various activities and areas of interest in life like a buffet and try a little of as many different areas as you’d like to find what works for you best.

Many people, however, do know what their passion is and what brings them the most joy, but perhaps they don’t know how they could turn that into a business.

Yet I assure you that with the technology that is available to us now, giving us the ability to create even digital and information based products and services that can then reach a global audience and marketplace, that you can literally turn ANYTHING into a business.

AND you can do it in a relatively fast, cheap, and easily.

So once you have taken some time to discover what things you enjoy doing, or if you already know what your passion is, then we can move onto…..

Step 2:  Find Out How Your Passion Can Help Benefit People

How can your passion benefit people?

Again it might be something obvious that jumps right out at you.

But if it’s not, spend a little time with a notepad and a pen, and jot down at least 10 ways that your passion can help people in their lives.

Think about the pain or suffering that people go through on a regular basis that your passion can help alleviate.

And when we say ‘pain and suffering’, it may not be something as complicated as a tooth ache or something.

But how can what you love help alleviate some small inconvenience for people?

Think about some ways your product or service can help alleviate certain degrees of suffering for people, and then think about what pleasure it can bring them.

What pleasure or joy can your product or service offer to people?

Remember, pretty much everything in life boils down to trying to avoid as much pain as possible, and trying to gain as much pleasure as possible.

When you understand these two key components, you can see exactly how your product or service can benefit people.

Once you’ve got this area a bit more cleared up, we can move onto the third and final step:

Step 3:  Take What You Love and Turn it Into an Online Business!

Now you may already be familiar with the world of online business, OR it may have never occurred to you that you could build an online business yourself.

BUT, we all know about the internet and how much we can get from there anytime we want.

It’s pretty much made it possible to get anything, anywhere, anytime, and as cheaply as possible.

We’ve all been on eBay or Amazon or some other site, and we all have some sense that online business isn’t just an option that a few tech savvy entrepreneurs can get involved with and profit from.

It’s truly the future of commerce as a whole.

SO, if it’s easy to get online and reach people via email, social media, and places like YouTube etc., why can’t YOU get a piece of this pie?

I’m telling you, once you start thinking about THIS (‘this’ being online business), you will begin to realize how silly it is to NOT at least have some kind of business in the online world.

I mean it’s so easy and cheap it really is just silly not to be.

So now that we’ve gone through the first two above steps of finding what brings you joy, and then of discovering the ways it can help benefit other people, you are already ahead of the curve when it comes to creating an online business.

And think about it.

If what you have to offer is an information based product or completely digital, there is virtually no overhead cost, and you can have it available to the entire world 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Now setting up an online business, although not THAT difficult or time consuming, is a bit more involved than what we will be exploring here.

But suffice it to say that to get started with your business you’ll want to research and get involved with the following:

  • Put together a simple website
  • Learn about how to create e-courses
  • Learn how to write e-books
  • Learn more about social media and building email lists
  • Learn about the many free ways to communicate with people via podcast, YouTube, or a similar service
  • Learn how to market your product or service

Now those basic steps might SEEM like a lot, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not and it’s relatively simple to learn how to do.

You can even do this in your spare time and build a small part time business that might have the potential to yield a full time income.

Wrapping it Up

So as you can see, it really can be much easier than you originally thought to not only create an online business that reaches the entire world all from your computer, but to create a business that you actually LOVE.

All this you can get started on when you:

  1. Discover what brings you joy in life
  2. Find out how your passion can help to serve others
  3. And then take your passion and turn it into an online business

It has truly never been easier to create a business you love that makes an impact in the world and that allows you to have the freedom to live life on your terms as well.

So what are you waiting for?

Start thinking about what your passions are and then discover ways to start putting your passion into a business plan, and take the reins of your destiny back into your hands.

You got this!

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