How to Find Happiness – The Search Begins with You!

(Video Transcript)

The search for happiness begins and ends within YOU!  In this video we’re going to be talking about where happiness is and how YOU can tap into it for yourself.


Who in the world in any time or place has not wanted happiness, AND wondered how to get it?

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, we ALL want happiness.

I think if we’re also being honest with ourselves, we are all trying to get happiness by doing all the things we do in life.

You know, getting money, having a nice job or business, having relationships, getting married, having children, going on vacation and maybe doing a little splurging either through buying things or maybe eating things we’re not supposed to.

But why is it that none of these things seem to be really fulfilling?  On the other hand, if we do enjoy something we have in our lives that we believe is bringing us happiness, why doesn’t it ever LAST?

Well, whether we are talking about taking care of our own emotional health and well-being OR we’re talking about walking a spiritual path to achieve supreme happiness and fulfillment, the fact is there IS no getting around the fact that to find true and lasting happiness, we MUST look within ourselves and do a little work on ourselves on a regular basis.

In other words, if we have something of an inner garden within us, we must take care of our inner garden as best we can in order that it can be healthy, and when our inner garden or inner being tree as I like to call it is healthy, we will find that we are HAPPY as a result!

So happiness lies within YOU, and taking care of your own inner garden or inner being tree is the way to find happiness.

You just need some insights and some tools as far as how to take care of your inner being tree as well as to be able to go within yourself to experience the happiness and joy you’ve always been looking for.

You can start by writing some things down about how you’re really feeling on different issues, or of what you’d really like in life.

You can also start by doing a simple meditation if you don’t have a technique already.

You can do this by sitting down somewhere comfortable, closing your eyes, and doing some rhythmic breathing where you inhale for 7,8, or 9 seconds, whichever is comfortable for you, holding your breath for the same amount of time, and then exhaling for the same amount of time and repeating that cycle until you feel your thoughts start to calm down.

Start by noticing your thoughts on a regular basis and seeing if they are negative or irrational thoughts that might cause you to feel down or to feel some insecurities, or whether or not your thoughts are more loving and compassionate.

If you find you are having a lot of negative thoughts, just start experimenting little by little by catching these negative or irrational thoughts and then countering them with loving and rational thoughts.

You can also start trying to exercise a little more, get more water during the day, or start incorporating some healthier foods into your diet if you aren’t already.

All these things added up will bring you more and more happiness the more you do them and the deeper you go!

And don’t worry about being a master monk or of trying to be perfect or do everything at once here.

Just take baby steps and do the best you can little by little!

If you want happiness, it is indeed within you, and in order to feel it you’ve just got to do a little work on your inner garden and your inner being tree!

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Thank you for being interested in working on yourself and your happiness and I’ll see you soon!

How to Find Happiness - The Search Begins with You!

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