How to Heal Emotionally – The Whole Life Solution

Do you feel you have some unresolved emotional pain or damage that you carry around with you?

Would you like to know HOW to heal emotionally?

Emotional healing can be quite a tricky subject, but rest assured, it most certainly CAN be done.

Here we’re going to explore exactly what emotional pain and damage is, as well as how to heal from it.

Your Emotional Self MATTERS

Many people believe that human emotion, or how we FEEL on any given issue is of little consequence.

In other words, many people truly believe that our emotions don’t really matter, and that all that matters are those things which are more ‘tangible’, such as our physical health and well-being and making money in life.

But the truth is, your emotions and feelings very much DO matter.

Now, it is true that one can be overly emotionally reactive OR have unhealthy emotional attachments to various people, places, or things.

But as far as HOW you’re feeling at any given time, well, this is crucial.

Not only that, but our emotional self is sort of like a barometer or indicator of how happy we are in our lives, and if we are around the right people and in the right circumstances for our well-being.

The ideal in life is for you to be HAPPY on a regular basis.

And when I say happy, I’m talking about full blown JOY that you actually do FEEL.

You know that natural, buoyant joy that children seem to be connected to?

Well, the truth is that joy is NOT supposed to go away at any point in time, and it’s NOT only for children to have access to.

Our emotional selves are our guide to how close we are to this joy and happiness, or how far away we are.

Given this then, it would be wise for us to be aware of our emotional selves, as well as our emotional needs, and to make sure we are going about getting these needs met on a regular basis.

YOU are SUPPOSED to be Happy

Believe it or not, happiness and joy are our natural states of being.

What we call ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’, are actually words used to describe our true and natural state of being and existence.

In other words, happiness is who and what we really are.

So when you aren’t happy and filled with joy, this is an indication that you are not in alignment with your true self and your true life path.

Your true life path is that area of life that brings you the most joy and is also where you will likely excel.

This is why many people urge others to follow their passions in life, because doing so generally leads one to one’s true life path.

Now what are the reasons that we might not be feeling happy and full of joy within?

What are the causes, generally speaking, of why people aren’t happy?

Well, there are many outside reasons why this might be the case.

Some of the reasons as to why we might not be happy in our lives on a regular basis include things like:

  • Growing up in an abusive or emotionally neglectful environment.
  • Being abused by a partner or someone else in another part of our lives.
  • Simply not knowing what our emotional needs are OR how to go about getting our emotional needs met in a general way.

To boil that all down, we ideally need to be:

  • In a good and safe environment that is in harmony with our inner emotional selves.
  • Able to get our emotional needs met on a regular basis.

And the truth is there are A LOT of us who grew up in emotionally abusive environments to one degree or another.

Many of us also may not be aware of the extent of this emotional damage, as well as not having much of an idea as to how to heal emotionally and get our emotional needs met at the same time.

We Must Take a Look at Whether or Not We Were Emotionally Abused in the Past

You may be someone who is very aware and clear on the fact that you went through some form of emotional abuse or neglect in your past.

However, you might be someone who has gone through some traumatic and painful events and are simply not aware of it.

If you had asked me many years ago if I was abused growing up, I would have said no, not really.

And the reason I would have said this is because I had a roof over my head and food on the table.

I was never sexually abused in any way, and although there were SOME instances of physical assault on the part of my mother towards me, I guess I just thought that was normal.

But even with the physical hitting and smacking aside, the truth is the REAL abuse that I was going through was EMOTIONAL and psychological.

And of course this can be a little trickier to spot.

Once I read about what emotional abuse and neglect actually WAS, I actually broke down and started crying.

Because the truth was not only WAS I emotionally and psychologically abused growing up on a regular basis, but because the pain was so normal for me since I was a small child, I literally thought that’s how you are supposed to feel going through life.

I was riddled with inner pain and anxiety on a regular basis and it was EXTREME.

I just didn’t know any different.

I was in fact enduring high levels of emotional distress and abuse in my home on a regular basis, and NEVER felt safe anywhere I was except maybe in my room isolated from everyone else.

Once I discovered what emotional abuse is, I then started the journey of figuring out how to adequately HEAL my emotional pain.

By the way, the specific form of abuse I endured is known as narcissistic abuse, and the core emotional pain that I’ve struggled with is called complex ptsd.

For some reason I found that the area of healing from emotional abuse and damage wasn’t quite clear even in the mental health community.

It almost seemed like there wasn’t a whole lot of awareness as to what the emotional self even was in the mental health field by the people I saw.

You know, generally when people go to therapy they just do some talking and maybe get prescribed some medication of some kind.

But what did that have to do with healing from emotional trauma?

In my own personal experience, healing from emotional abuse and pain was NOT easy even to figure out how to do.

BUT, after some experimentation and going to various workshops, healers, guides and gurus, I eventually was able to come up with a way to heal from any emotional abuse or pain that made sense AND actually worked.

And when I was able to do this, I discovered at the same time what our core emotional needs actually are, as well as how to go about getting them met on a regular basis.

I was so excited at my discoveries!

What I put together was working wonders for me, and I realized that I had to share this with other people who might also be suffering from emotional damage and not knowing what to do about it now.

The Whole Life Solution – A POWERFUL Way to Heal Emotionally AND Get One’s Emotional Needs Met

The method that I put together I ended up calling The Whole Life Solution.

Now I call it The Whole Life Solution because it is literally a program whereby people can get ALL of their needs met in ONE place.

This does of course include being able to heal or clear out any emotional pain or blockages one might be carrying around, as well as being able to get one’s emotional needs met, but it ALSO includes methods for getting every other area of our lives and well-being met and optimized at the same time.

It is a COMPLETE personal development and healing program that covers the 7 major areas of our lives:  mental, physical, emotional, personal, social, financial, and even spiritual health and well-being.

In the course I cover what I call the 8 Pillars of Emotional Health and Well-being, that shows anyone what our key emotional needs actually are, as well as how to get them met on a regular basis.

I also provide powerful insights and tools for you to be able to largely HEAL any emotional pain or blockages you might be carrying around at the same time.

I can tell you this process has helped me tremendously in my own healing, growing self awareness, and well-being.

The course itself will be launching on 6/18/20, and I couldn’t be more excited!

So if you ARE interested in how to heal emotionally and to be able to get your emotional needs met, AND be able to maximize joy and success in every other area of your life, then I HIGHLY suggest you sign up on our email list to be kept up to date on the launch!

When you sign up on our email list, you will gain access to a FREE monthly newsletter on all things related to your own healing, joy, AND success in your life.

But you’ll also be given special deals and discounts on future courses and other products as they become available!

Just head over to The Whole Life Solution site and sign up!

I PROMISE that you will FINALLY be able to get the emotional healing AND tools to get your emotional needs met on a regular basis if you haven’t done so already.

Wrapping it Up

So to sum this all up:

  • Your emotional self MATTERS.
  • Happiness is your NATURAL state of being.
  • You MUST discover if you’ve been emotionally abused in your past.
  • You MUST learn HOW to heal from any emotional pain or damage you have within you.
  • You MUST learn HOW to get your emotional needs met on a regular basis NOW.
  • The Whole Life Solution Course is a POWERFUL way of doing all of this AND more!

You matter.

Your emotional self matters.

Your well-being and happiness MATTERS.

Healing, happiness, AND success are your BIRTH RIGHTS, and The Whole Life Solution Course can show you EXACTLY how to claim these natural birth rights.

So over to you now, do YOU struggle with any emotional pain or damage from your past?

Do you know what your emotional needs are as well as how to go about getting them met?

What are your thoughts and feelings on what was presented here?

I’d LOVE to get your insights in the comments below!

And don’t forget to sign up with The Whole Life Solution email list for your FREE monthly newsletter on all things related to healing, happiness AND success in your life!


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Be well.


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  1. Vicki

    the 8 pillars to well being are fantastic Justin and I know so many people need this type of recovery from past “stuff” that is holding them back.

    I feel warmed by this post. I was looking online for resources to help people and came across this article and feel moved by it as I know you are going to connect with many people to help them with their journey to wellness inside and out and I thank you.

    So many people are stuck in their negative pit and can’t find s solution and I believe if they go through your course, they will get all they need.

    Go well – Thank you

  2. Mojisola Kupolati (Debbie)

    Hi Justin, Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece on how to heal emotionally. Of a truth, many people are hurting and living with emotional pains owing to several life issues. I totally agree with you that emotion plays a huge role in a person’s well-being. As we know, it is not about what happens to a person that breaks him/her but more of what the person makes out of it. This in agreement with your therapy for emotional healing beautifully put together in the whole life solution; forgetting the past, allowing the present and creating your tomorrow.  Great work, I do hope many more people will sign up and be helped.

  3. Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo Dear, a big thanks for putting up this article on how to heal emotionally, the whole life solution. This is indeed the whole life solution, I find this article very interesting and beautiful. This is exactly what a friend of mine with had been going through some serious emotional trauma needs, I really think it will be of heel to her. I willl forward this to her as soon as possible. Thanks for helping. 

  4. Skuchmane

    Hello dear, wow what nice post you have here about healing emotionall, I was shocked with the quality content your article carried, your choice of words and write up skills was truly amazing, I believe I have been enlightened more after going through your article, thanks a lot for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  5. Jomata

    Hello there,  thank you to this very informative and detailed post on how to heal emotionally, most at times we don’t we don’t even  pay attention to know when our emotions needs healing,  and this can result in causing stress and anxiety,  thus I really find this program very important as it will really bring a balance to the total man.

  6. Jenny Sleider

    Yes!! Our emotional self needs way more love than people think. After childhood so many people think that things will make them happy but true joy and happiness isn’t found in things! I have been on a journey of healing my emotion self for the past year and it is completely changing my life. Thank you for putting into words what I have been working on and how much it can truly help us. This article is so inspiring!

    1. Justin Vanderwende

      Hi Jenny!  I’m so happy you liked the post!  :).  So what kind of healing journey have you been on?  I’ve been on a healing journey myself as I’ve been dealing with what’s called cptsd.  

  7. Sami

    As we are children, we are taught to not get so emotional about things.  As we mature we often find that by hiding our emotions we do not have to level or be truthful with others.  We can have our secret feelings and no one knows but us.  The end result is a stunted emotional life in maturity.  We hide emotional feelings with anger, or silence, or overachieving, underachieving, all kinds of self-mutilation as well as any other practices.  There is never any real balance in our lives.  

    As we have never recognized that emotional feeling, we don’t know how to react when that “weird” feeling happens, except through some extreme unrelated manner.  I know that others are also as interested as I am in learning about how to help heal our emotional wounds through a healthy whole-life approach.  Thanks for raising awareness of this situation, Sami

    1. Justin Vanderwende

      Hi Sami, thanks for your comment!  I agree that many of us are not taught how to be present with our emotions and how to have healthy emotional lives, leaving us to feel stunted and like something is off in our lives.  I don’t think we need to automatically start expressing every emotion we feel, but I do think it’s a good idea to be healthy emotionally and to be able to process through anything that is bothering us, as well as to get our emotional needs met in a healthy manner.  I know I feel so much better after doing so.  

  8. Paula

    This is a great article and I bet the program will be as well. I’m very familiar with narcissists. I am very aware of that type of abuse and what it does to a person. It took me about 10 years to recover after I almost married a narcissist. Boy, do I understand. (Thank God I didn’t marry him. lol.) Thanks for your website and this article. It’s fantastic. 

  9. Allan

    I like to comment or offer a personal view of content from my position as an ordinary visitor.


    First off! As a visitor looking for information to resolve my emotional problem, I feel invited by the presentation of your post. It looks professional from the start which gives me the initial confidence to carry on reading. I imagine you have built up experience and you know what you are talking about.


    As I read on, I start to relate more to the subject and discover something about myself that I had never noticed before when you say “Now, it is true that one can be overly emotionally reactive OR have unhealthy emotional attachments to various people, places, or things.”


    I feel encouraged to read on and I find another statement makes me begin to evaluate my life and what my true factors of happiness are. 


    “So when you aren’t happy and filled with joy, this is an indication that you are not in alignment with your true self and your true-life path.” 


    That’s so powerful!


    I was glued to the text and then got to your personal experience of emotional abuse. That part is so well written. You explain your experiences well and how it may be possible that many people are oblivious of lives as victims of abuse which also prompts the reader to question their own experiences. 


    You explain that your life makes you discover a unique way of dealing with emotional abuse. I want to know how and I find myself reading on!


     I like the fact that you identify a gap in the way mental health services deal with emotional abuse.  


    “The Whole Life Solution – A POWERFUL Way to Heal Emotionally AND Get One’s Emotional Needs Met” is obviously a product out of lived experience and worth every penny.


    I would be convinced to buy it. 


    The only thing I was concerned with was that there were so many adverts or pictures! I had to change the reading format of the page to the “Reader View in the browser” for uninterrupted reading. 


    But otherwise, it is a fabulous article.

  10. Philebur

    Hi there thanks for sharing such an educative piece of article. Well no doubt everyone has suffered or experienced one form of emotional disorder or the other and that is quite normal. For me I think if  person wants to heal emotionally it is a matter of choice. It doesn’t matter what we have been through, we must let go of whatever that ways us back. I think the change starts with the individual

  11. Awinikistevie

    Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here.  The while life solution is indeed a place to get rid of common issues plaguing human mental, emotional physical e.t.c. I really enjoyed going  through this article on your website and many others I have come in contact with. Hope to see more soon.

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

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