How to Increase Your Focus – 3 Tricks to Make Your Focus SHARP!

Do you have trouble paying attention in your day to day life?

Would you like some tips on how to increase your focus?

In this article we’re going to be taking a look at 3 tricks that you can start implementing into your life NOW, so that your brain and mind can become sharper, clearer, and stronger.

When you’re able to enhance your brain’s focus potential, you’ll be AMAZED at how much more enjoyable absolutely every aspect of life can be.

Let’s dive in!

Trick #1:  Proper Diet

Now this may or may not be news to you, but the fact is, a proper diet is not only for your physical fitness.

It’s CRUCIAL to have a proper diet for your mental performance as well.

Believe it or not, being sluggish, having no energy, feeling foggy, or being spacey is NOT normal.

We are designed to be FULL of energy, life, vibrance, and to be able to create AMAZING things with our minds!

All your mind needs in order to pull this off are a few things, and one of them is incorporating a proper diet into your life.

Don’t believe me?

Well, Dr. Smitha Bhandari had some interesting things to say on the topic in an article at

According to Dr. Bhandari, not only is diet critical to your mental health as well as your overall ability to function cognitively, but there are certain foods that are actually more like SUPER foods for your brain.

Some of those include fish such as salmon, fruits and berries, vegetables, and properly combined, healthy LIGHTER meals such as chicken and veggies for example.

You’d be amazed at how a few simple tweaks in your diet can give you a TON more energy as well as a much easier time focusing mentally.

So if you want to start to increase your ability to focus, the #1 place to start doing that is with your DIET!

Trick #2:  Mental Focus Exercises

Now, I don’t know if you are aware of this or not, but as it turns out your brain is actually more like a muscle than has been previously thought.

It wouldn’t be completely accurate to say that your brain IS a muscle, but it certainly would be accurate to say that your brain ACTS like a muscle.

What that means essentially is that like all other muscles in your body, the more you use them (you know, like with exercise) the STRONGER they become and the healthier they are at the same time.

SO, basically you can exercise your brain so that it becomes even stronger than it is now.

NUTS huh?!

I mean we’re talking increased memory, creating new neuro connections in your brain, faster processing speeds (yeah, mental focus IS kinda is like RAM in a computer), AND it’s been shown in scientific studies that performing such mental exercises helps to prevent mental decline and diseases like dementia and alzheimer’s.

NOW, there ARE many different kinds of activities you can do for your brain to make it healthier and stronger.

Some of these include things like learning new things, dancing, reading, problem solving etc.

All of these things will give you increased abilities to problem solve, get things done, and experience life a bit more deeply and richly.

BUT, there are some tricks that can make your ability to focus even STRONGER and will allow you to do this in much less time than the activities listed above.

Let’s take a look.

A Couple Brain Exercises You Can Start Using NOW

So one of the easiest exercises for increasing mental focus is probably something you’ve been thinking about already.

And that is:  holding your focus on a particular object for as long as possible!

You know, kind of like how the zen monks like to do it.

To get started, just grab something small and easy, could be anything like a pen or pencil, a paperclip, or a cup.  Anything will do really.

Then grab a stopwatch of some kind, or anything you can use to time yourself.

Next,  just look at the object and really try to put all of your concentration and focus on it and start your timer.

Hold your concentration as long as you can without other thoughts coming into your awareness to distract you.

When a thought pops into your mind, stop your timer and write down your time.

To put it simply, when you practice this and you are then able to hold your concentration for longer periods of time without other thoughts coming into your awareness to distract you, your mental focus has increased!

And as I’m sure you’re gathering, the more you do this the stronger your focus will become.

You can also place multiple objects in your awareness, kind of like all in a row, and try to hold as many of the objects in your focus as possible without any other thoughts popping in.

Of course, this can also be done with sounds in your environment as well.

Just try this out a little bit.


Let your mind stretch a bit and GROW.

It WILL take a little bit of a discipline, but when your focus grows stronger and you start noticing all of the many benefits you gain for your day to day life, exercising your brain just may become your new obsession!

Trick #3:  Conserving Your Sexual Energies

Alright, and now it’s time for the third and final trick to increase your focus, and that is:  conserving and transmuting your sexual energies!

At first glance you might be wondering if you have to go full blown monk mode over here in order to do this, but let me put your mind to ease right now and tell you that is NOT what I’m talking about here.

HOWEVER, in this day and age we live in with, well, the internet as well as how open everyone has become with their sexuality, it has become all too common for many of us to go about dissipating and wasting our sexual energies all over the place!

The truth is, while you do NOT have to go full monk or become celibate or anything, your sexual energies have TREMENDOUS power and when harnessed and channeled properly can yield AMAZING benefits for your life.

Yes, believe it or not this one step alone has MANY benefits for your overall health and well-being that you can try out for yourself.

But of course, the one benefit we’re looking at here is that of mental FOCUS.

And YES, conserving your sexual energies will give you CRAZY mental focus.

Honestly if you tried to conserve your sexual energies just for a week or two, you’d start noticing that things in general are just clearer.

Colors are brighter, sounds are richer.

You’ll find you have a better sense of yourself.

You feel more inner power, strength, and focus.

I don’t pretend to know all the answers as to WHY this is the case, but suffice it to say that conserving your sexual energies definitely does increase your mental focus.

In fact, there have been many studies and reports done that verify this very thing in a more scientific way if you’d care to check some out.

Now instead of trying to suppress your energies by complete abstinence, when you feel an inner urge to get yourself a sexual release, try to TRANSMUTE your energy with some other activity.

Try exercise, or do something creative such as write, draw, paint, play music, whatever your interest is.

You’ll find that your energy has been channeled and taken care of to a large extent, yet your inner power and clarity remains intact.


I know.

And yes it does take a little practice and willpower, but the benefits from doing so are almost limitless.

So get ahead and try to work with yourself a bit and abstain from any kind of sexual release of any kind for a few days, a week, two weeks, or longer if you feel like it.

By doing this alone you WILL find a tremendous increase in your ability to focus mentally.

A Couple of Honorable Mentions for Boosting Your Mental Focus

Now of course the three tricks mentioned above will give you a massive boost in mental focus, but if you’d like to supercharge your focus and start getting some results even FASTER, here are a couple more things I recommend.

First of all, when it comes to boosting your mental focus through proper diet, there is one dietary supplement that I use more than anything else, and that is the famous and amazing GREEN VIBRANCE.

If we’re talking about boosting your mental focus by getting the proper vegetables, fruits, minerals, AND BILLIONS of strains of probiotics designed to radically cut down on any candida you might have in your system, Green Vibrance can give you all of that in ONE SHOT.

Now it DOES taste a little funky, so I highly recommend putting some juice or some other healthy type of sweetener in your drink in order to make it a bit more palatable.

But you will be AMAZED at how much better you feel energy wise, as well as how you’re able to focus.

Green Vibrance.

Give it a shot.

My second recommendation would be in the area of nootropics.

Nootropics are basically scientifically formulated (and safe) supplements you can take to boost your mental focus and performance naturally.

There are a number of them out there, but the one I recommend is called TruBrain.

TruBrain is absolutely fantastic, it tastes great and it’s easy to take.

Check that out here if you’re interested to know more.

Wrapping it Up


I know, that was a bit of info to take in there, but you made it!

Although there were some additional tips and honorable mentions discussed above, the TAKEAWAY here is definitely in the main 3 tricks for increasing your focus:

  1. Trick #1:  Proper Diet
  2. Trick #2:  Mental Focus Exercises
  3. Trick #3:  Conserving Your Sexual Energies

Honestly each one of these alone will increase your mental focus substantially.

But if you were to do all 3, heck, if you put EVERYTHING mentioned here to use, you’d be able to reach almost super human levels of focus and concentration that will benefit EVERY area of your life.

The real secret behind all success of any kind is that the MIND is the master seat of all things.

Master your mind, and you master your life.

Now go forth!

Experiment a bit with these brain tricks for enhancing your mental focus, and have fun!

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  1. Lawrence

    Great post with a lot of information.

    I particularly like that you focus on sexual energy, especially mentioning that we don’t have become monks, but recognising that over-exuberance can distract us and cause a lack of focus.

    In these hard-times, specifically covid-19 affecting us all, I think a lot of people will be struggling with maintaining focus. The distraction of coronavirus is certainly very worrying.

    In regards to brain exercises, I would be interested on your thoughts on the ‘brain training’ apps etc. Are they just gimmicks or do they actually work?

    1. Hey Lawrence!

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yeah there is definitely something powerful about our sexual energy if harnessed and used correctly. I’m not sure what that’s about but if you try some abstinence even for 2 weeks you’d be amazed at how much more energy and focus you have.

      Believe it or not I have never tried any of the brain training apps! I found some more potent exercises that have to do with physical things in our environment such as visual, auditory, and even tactile.

      Although I haven’t tried those brain training apps, what I CAN say is that you don’t need to spend any money at all to boost your focus, and you can do it all with things you have in your home.

      I’ll have more info about all that coming out in the not too distant future so be sure to stay tuned!

  2. joshlala007

    Thanks for suggesting the ways to be more focus in our daily life, especially in this time where most people need to work from home. The points are simple and straight forward, especially the last one I think I personally experience it before as well, it really worked, its just an inner energy that will drive me to work and be more positive, good point there. Lastly, I would like to ask is there more suggestion on how to keep my focus? I am saying some more habits or practice that will make a difference.

    1. Hey Josh thanks for your comment!

      As far as increasing your focus goes, I would definitely say just start out with the recommendations here and see how they work for you.

      Proper diet combined with conservation of our sexual energies PLUS brain focus exercises will do wonders.

  3. Russ

    Justin- Thank you for this great post on how to increase your focus. I am in some serious need of increasing my focus. I will defiantly be trying the 3 tricks you have mentioned here. My brain as a muscle? Now there is a new concept for me, but it makes perfect sense. Again, I really appreciate this article and I hope it reaches many people who need to increase focus. 

    1. Thanks Russ, and it’s my pleasure!

      I do believe that focus is sort of the key to everything in our lives, so why not put a little focus on our focus???

      Btw do you ever notice how many things in our life as well as in society almost seem to be causing us to NOT be able to focus too well?

      I wonder if there is anyone who benefits from an unfocused public?????

  4. PrettySophia

    All millionaires and billionaires have mastered the art of single focusing on one thing until completion before
    they move onto the next task.However,today we leave in a world where there are tons of distractions from every corner yo turn to…thats why we need tips like this once to get over this problems, thanks for sharing this very vital article..

    1. Hey Sophia you’re right in that the worlds wealthiest and most successful people learned the art and discipline of controlling their focus and their mind.

      In my opinion there is simply no other way to succeed.

  5. Kirkman

    One thing i do not play or joke with is my diet plan. i know that we are what we eat and this is what determines how fast we can process things.
    some intellectual games really help a lot as exercise for the brain. i play chess as often as i can and this helps a lot with making me focus on important things.

  6. Louise

    Interesting post.  I agree with the fact that the mind is key.  It is key to living a peaceful, happy and successful life.  Self care is important, diet, exercise, water and deep breathing.  The usual suspects.  Controlling your mind, what you think on is even more important.  In my opinion thoughts are things and being aware of what you are thinking will have a profound effect on your life.  Appreciate the post.

  7. LanaC

    Good info. Thanks for this article. I try to eat properly. I have been focusing on foods that boost energy. Now I am also focusing on foods that boost the immune system in light of our nation’s health crisis.

    Staring at an object will be hard for me, but I’ll try. I can see it now. I’ll be staring at a kiwi and I’ll start thinking of ways to eat it and how good it will taste and how juicy it is. LOL I like the idea of the music. I have a playlist of music I call “Defrag Music.” It is instrumental and relaxing music. I try to keep my thoughts from wandering but it is hard.

    Sooo the “Conserving Sexual Energies” section, does that apply to husbands and wives as well?
    Hmmm… LOL thanks for this article. It is very helpful.

  8. Smoochi

    Much focus is needed if we want to achieve our goals as soon as possible. there is always going to be a form of distraction but then with few some help, we can maintain focus and go for the prize. healthy diet is bay far the most important for me. this comes before anything else.

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