How’re You Doing with Your Self Love?

Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?

I myself am single so I don’t have to get too involved with things like Valentine’s Day.

But it got me thinking about how people are looking for love on a regular basis, and even if they are in relationships with someone, somehow it always seems like there’s just a little something missing…..

In my journey for healing and truth, I’ve experienced first hand that there is something of a divine love that exists within us, and that when I get in touch with it, all desires disappear!

In other words, the love we are seeking really IS within us!

It’s kind of crazy I know, plus honestly it does sound kind of boring just to look within oneself for love right?

However, it doesn’t mean we still can’t live our lives and have partners, but the important takeaway here is that regardless of our external life circumstances, if we want TRUE love, it’s crucial to be able to find that within ourselves.

Even if we’re not meditating, just learning to be a little more loving and compassionate with yourself in terms of your own thought processes and how you treat yourself will go a LONG way.

Self love, self compassion, self understanding…..I’ve practiced these things myself and I can’t tell you how much of a difference they make in how I feel in general.

So how’s your relationship with yourself?

If it can use some work (and honestly who’s can’t?), maybe just start practicing with a little self introspection and a little self love.

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have love and fulfillment!

Be well, and we’ll talk soon.


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