Vital Vitamins Brain Booster – A Review

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Review of Brain Booster by Vital Vitamins

Do you struggle with brain fog?

Do you have difficulty focusing and getting things done in general?

Would you perhaps like a little more mental energy and focus to get through the day?

If so, I’ve got something you might be interested in here.

It’s called Vital Vitamins Brain Booster, and it is what they call a nootropic.

Now, nootropics are all the rage these days, and chances are you may be familiar with them already.

While there are many variations of nootropics out there, the fact is that the Brain Booster formula by Vital Vitamins is one of the best out there.

So if you’re looking for a little more mental focus and energy, keep on reading because Brain Booster has got everything you’re looking for in a nootropic and more!

First, What IS Brain Booster by Vital Vitamins?

As we’ve briefly stated already, Brain Booster by Vital Vitamins is a nootropic.

This means basically that it is a safe supplement whose purpose is to enhance your mental functioning capabilities all around.

While the functions of Brain Booster is certainly similar to other nootropics out there, there are some distinctions that set it apart and make it one of THE best nootropics options out there now.

Brain Booster contains essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for your overall health as well as for the purpose of enhancing your brain’s ability to function.

Some of those unique ingredients include:

  • Vitamin B12
  • IQ Neuro Energy
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • DMAE
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • and more!

Now some of those ingredients you may be familiar with, while others you may not.

But the KEY takeaway from this is that not only are you getting a state of the art supplement designed to enhance virtually every area of your brain’s ability to function, but the high quality ingredients are also non-GMO and are COMPLETELY safe.

Now while you might already be familiar with nootropics in general, let’s take a bit of a closer look as far as what they are and how you can benefit, especially for those of you who are new to this whole nootropics thing.

What Exactly Are Nootropics?

So what exactly ARE nootropics anyway?

Simply put, nootropics are safe, all natural supplements to enhance cognitive (mental) function.

They consist of all natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other herbs designed to boost the following areas:

  • Memory
  • General brain health
  • Learning capabilities
  • Stress reduction
  • Creativity
  • General focus
  • and many other benefits for a healthy brain!

Unlike many brain or focus supplements that many of us have seen and/or tried over the years, nootropics are scientifically formulated and proven to work.

Not only that, but they are also recommended by many healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, with many of the brain enhancement supplements that have been available over the years, many of them either didn’t work very well or at all, OR they had some kind of weird side effect of some kind.

But with nootropics, and specifically Brain Booster, there aren’t ANY of these funky side effects that other brain enhancement supplements have had, AND unlike much of the stuff we’ve had over the years for enhancing brain function, nootropics actually WORK!

So basically by taking nootropics you are able to enhance your mental capabilities and performance without having to worry about any dangerous or addictive drugs, AND promote your overall health as well!

Nootropics Are Also Great for Helping to Enhance One’s General Moods

What’s also amazing about nootropics and specifically in this case, Brain Booster, is that on top of helping your brain to function better, it is also helpful for enhancing your overall mood as well.

Maybe you feel a bit down or blue from time to time, but aren’t interested in getting any kind of psychiatric medication in order to help with that particular issue.

Well, nootropics, while NOT a “cure” for things like depression or low moods, DOES help tremendously with one’s overall feeling of well-being.

And it’s all natural!

Many times we can actually feel down simply due to having poor cognitive function and energy.

But with Brain Booster you will enhance your brain’s ability to function naturally, which will allow you to focus and get more things done, AND feel better at the same time!

Not only that, but nootropics have also proven to be able to help with stress reduction as well, which of course helps to enhance one’s overall mood as well.

Nootropics Help to Fight Cognitive Decline

If everything covered thus far wasn’t amazing in and of itself, many studies have shown that nootropics can actually help with the natural decline of the brain as we get older.

As we know and as many studies have also shown, as we age our mental functioning declines significantly.

However, this decline in cognitive functioning has also been shown to largely be the result of the brain not getting enough of certain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that it needs to function properly.

With nootropics, these essential vitamins and nutrients are supplied to the brain thus helping with fighting mental decline as we get older.

In fact, studies have also shown nootropics to be effective at combatting alzheimers and dementia in certain patients.

While nootropics are certainly not at any stage of being any kind of a cure for alzheimers and dementia, the studies conducted have shown that they very much indeed DO help, which is something of a light at the end of the tunnel for those who struggle with dementia and alzheimers.

Perhaps as the science of nootropics increase, they may even be a cure for these terrible brain disorders altogether.

One of the Most Affordable Nootropics on the Market Today

Alright so with nootropics we’ve got:

  • The ability to focus better
  • Better memory
  • Increased creativity
  • The ability to fight off cognitive decline as we age
  • An increase in overall mood
  • Stress reduction
  • AND perhaps the beginning stages of having the ability to actually fight off or reverse things like alzheimers and dementia.

AND as we’ve also discussed all this is ALL NATURAL and completely safe to take.


Surely such an amazing and safe supplement MUST cost an arm and a leg to get a hold of!

But fear not!

Nootropics are quite affordable and readily available to those who are interested.

Generally speaking nootropics can range in the price range of anywhere between $20.00 dollars to $80.00 dollars.

Brain Booster by Vital Vitamins varies based on promotions and where you’re buying it from (the cheapest place is Amazon), but it is definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

If you’d like to get your hands on a bottle for yourself, keep on reading……

Wrapping it Up

Let’s face it.

In the fast paced, high stress world we live in today, many of us are not only stressed out of our minds (which isn’t healthy), but there are a lot of us who aren’t getting the appropriate nutrition either.

And not only is this a key reason why many of us feel so groggy and have low energy, but it’s ALSO the primary reason why we are having trouble functioning mentally!

While our overall health and well-being is of the utmost importance, what organ of the body is more important or crucial than the brain itself?

Don’t you think it’s important to be making sure that we are getting our brains the fuel and nutrition that it needs on a regular basis?

Well, as we’ve seen with nootropics, and in this case Brain Booster, you CAN make sure you’re getting your brain the nutrition and fuel it needs safely, easily, and perhaps most important:  affordably.

Good news right?


If you’re looking to enhance your memory capabilities, get a little more of those creative juices flowing, get rid of brain fog and perhaps get a little more mental focus, than Brain Booster is for YOU!

Not only will you get a nice mental boost by taking Brain Booster nootropics, but as we’ve also discussed a bit, you will be helping to fight off your brain’s eventual decline as you get older!

Honestly, why WOULDN’T you want to take something like Brain Booster for your overall mental health and well-being?

If you ask me, this one’s a no brainer (pun intended).

So if you’d like to get your hands on some of this amazing product at it’s amazing price, simply click the link below:


>>> Click Here! <<<

So what do you think about nootropics?

What do you think about what we’ve discussed here?

Do you have any experience with Brain Booster or nootropics in general?

If so, how have they helped you in your life?

I’d love to hear your experiences if you’ve taken nootropics or Brain Booster before, AND/OR I’d love to hear your experiences with Brain Booster if you choose to get yourself some, so be sure to sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Stephanie

    I tried this supplement a while back and for me, it took them some time to actually start showing off the effects it has on your brain development and your strong information hold when it comes to focusing. I only took them for a month because it wasn’t really what I was looking for, but they do exactly what they’re supposed to. You just need to give them time. 

  2. Nar

    As people getting older, memory is getting slower. Some people even suffer from dementia, and it is very sad to watch people with this type of disorder when they even forget their names and their loved ones. Are these products you are reviewing suitable for such type of disorder? Is it FDA approved and safe to use?



    1. admin

      Hi Nar, thanks for your comment.  Yes it is sad to watch people with dementia, in fact my grandfather was diagnosed with it within the last couple of years and it has been trying.  As for whether or not nootropics are safe to use with people who have dementia, the answer is yes!  Of course nootropics aren’t any kind of cure or anything, but studies have shown that they are helpful in some of the impaired cognitive functions in the patients that suffer with dementia.  Hopefully in the future there will be something that can completely stop or reverse dementia altogether.  Thanks again for your comment!

  3. Lorenz Valdez


    Working online for the last 4 years, I’ve actually come across and tried many different types of “brain booster”.

    More recently, I have used this product called “FOCUS PI”. It definitely does work. I personally struggle with brain fog all the time, especially when im reading something or trying to figure something out.

    I have seen Vital Vitamins on Amazon and have thought about it. If I do decide to purchase, I’ll bookmark this blog for later so I can come back.


  4. Lisa

    What a brilliant review of vital vitamins brain booster, it isn’t something I have not heard of or tried. After reading your article I would be very interested to give it a try. My memory is disappearing rapidly and I’m in need of help to boost it.the fact it is all natural and has been tested is a massive plus. The price seems very reasonable.

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