What is Spiritual Health and Wellness? – The Practical Side of the Abstract

When it comes to health and wellness, we’re all familiar with the need for things like physical health and wellness, and even mental and emotional health and wellness.

But what is spiritual health and wellness?

Is there even such a thing?

Of course there are those who are religious and spiritual, but let’s be real here:  are there any tangible, PRACTICAL uses for spirituality in our day to day lives?

Is there such a thing as being spiritually healthy vs. being spiritually UNHEALTHY?

In my experience, there very much is such a thing as spiritual health, and we’re going to explore exactly what that is here.

Spirituality is REAL

The truth is, there are MANY people who feel that what we call spirituality is simply all mumbo jumbo.

Many people reason that if someone wants to be religious or spiritual and it brings them some inner peace in their life that’s fine.

But IS there something ACTUALLY REAL about spirituality?

And if so, what can it really do for us anyway?

The short answer is:  YES.

Spirituality IS very real and it very much does have a direct impact on all of our lives in one form or fashion.

Furthermore, although there are many delusional fanatics in various spiritual communities throughout the world, this does NOT mean there isn’t something real and even tangible about spirituality.

Let’s begin unraveling this mysterious part of life by getting a little clearer on what spirituality and specifically SPIRIT actually is.

Spirit is the Source of Life and the Foundation of Reality

So what many refer to as SPIRIT, is actually the foundation of all reality.

In fact this ‘spirit’ is really reality in and of itself.

And the nature of this foundation of reality or spirit, is that of ever new JOY, AWARENESS, and eternal BLISS.

This is essentially what various religions and spiritual paths refer to as Moksha, Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven etc.

This reality is the primal source of life.

Honestly it is simply pure life force.

It’s kind of like energy, but it is also beyond energy altogether.

Instead of contemplating the ‘nothingness’ of space or thinking in terms of what existed before God for example, the truth is this spirit simply IS.

There is actually no such thing as nothingness.

This is a concept that is formed in the minds of human beings, but what’s interesting about the concept of nothingness is that it is by it’s very nature:  nothing.

It isn’t there.

So if it isn’t there, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that ‘nothingness’ doesn’t exist?

I know it’s a bit of a mental paradox, but just because we are talking about ‘nothingness’ or infinite space, does NOT mean this infinite space actually IS nothing.

Does that make sense?

Ok, so let’s say this spirit is the foundation of all reality and is the only thing that actually IS real in ultimate reality.

What does that have to do with us and the lives that we lead?

What Spirituality is and What it Has to Do with Us

So if we can accept the idea that spirit is reality, and that more importantly spirit is joy, love, bliss, and absolute awareness, and we take a look at the world around us and observe that somehow the world we are in is almost the exact OPPOSITE of joy, love, and changeless bliss, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that whatever is going on here in our world is a situation where we are kind of ‘out of whack’ with reality?

Now the idea that we are somehow ‘out of whack’ with reality as if we were in some kind of intense accident and our spine needs some adjustments or something might seem a bit crazy to you, but honestly just look around:  doesn’t our world seem like something’s a bit out of whack here?

I mean, yeah, we call this ‘the real world’.

But we can’t deny that this world seems to also be COMPLETELY INSANE and filled with all kinds of suffering and chaos.

And if you think that the world we live in is totally fine and there’s nothing fishy going on here, consider that the issue of happiness and more specifically ‘fulfillment’ seems to be rather elusive.

I mean we’re all AFTER fulfillment and happiness in some form or fashion in our lives right?

People want money and health and relationships and family and the whole nine yards.

But isn’t it strange that so many who have these things say that for whatever reason they DON’T actually bring happiness or fulfillment?

What’s up with that?

So with these observations alone, I would say that the statement that our world is out of whack in some way is quite fair.

So if our world is out of whack from reality (joy, bliss, love, total abstract awareness), and THIS is the reason our world is NUTS AND no one really seems to be able to find lasting happiness, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that in order to be happy and find that fulfillment we’ve got to realign ourselves WITH REALITY and pure spirit?

THIS is what spirituality is all about.

Spirituality is simply the PROCESS of straightening you out to be in alignment or oneness with reality or pure spirit and bliss.

And if spirit and bliss IS reality and it’s your true nature, then the only thing that really needs ‘an adjustment’ is your own mind and thoughts!


That’s what spirituality is all about, regardless if it’s Hinduism or Buddhism, or Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc.

It’s all about realigning one’s mind to be in alignment with truth, reality, and spirit.

And it’s only when we ARE in alignment with truth and reality that we CAN be truly happy and find real fulfillment.

Make sense?

Spiritual Health and Wellness is About Getting YOU in ALIGNMENT with Your True Nature of Eternal Bliss!

So if you think in terms of physical health and wellness, we ALL know the basics of how to get that done for ourselves.

You know we’ve got to get plenty of air flow to our blood (exercise).

We need to HYDRATE our bodies with plenty of water.

And of course we need to eat HEALTHY foods so that our body gets the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that we need in order for our bodies to be healthy and to function naturally.

So when we talk about spiritual health and wellness, we are talking about our need to be in alignment with our true reality of bliss, awareness, and love.

And if being in alignment with the source of life or spirit is how we attain happiness, then really if you think about it spiritual health and wellness is all about how much LOVE and JOY you are experiencing in your life on a regular basis, and doing what’s necessary to work out any mental kinks you might have that might be BLOCKING your experience of love and joy.

Spiritual health and wellness, therefore, is all about YOU being HAPPY with REAL joy.

How ’bout that?

So if you look at what we call spirituality from this point of view, and then you go back and look at many of the suggestions and ‘rules’ of the various spiritual paths in the world, you know things like loving God, the source of life, loving ourselves, loving our neighbors AS ourselves, prayer (communion with source), meditation (deeper communion with source), not lying, cheating, stealing, murdering etc…….you will find that all these things are designed to keep you ALIGNED with LOVE.

It’s about keeping your MIND and thoughts in alignment with your true nature of LOVE!

And when you reach what’s called mastery, mastery of your own self that is, you will have attained PERMANENT union in your awareness of reality:  you will constantly be filled with infinite bliss, joy, love, and feel unlimited WHOLENESS and fulfillment.

THAT is what spiritual health and wellness is all about.

Wrapping it Up

Ok, so let’s sum all this up shall we?

We’ve seen that:

  • Spirituality is indeed real.
  • Spirit is actually the foundation of reality.
  • The nature of spirit is changeless love, bliss, joy and awareness.
  • Love, bliss, joy, and awareness is OUR true nature.
  • We don’t experience love bliss and joy on a regular basis because we are OUT OF WHACK with spirit in our MINDS.
  • Spiritual health and wellness is all about working out your inner mental kinks to be in alignment with spirit.
  • Spiritual health and wellness is about how happy and filled with joy you are on a regular basis.

So those are the basics of spirituality in general, as well as how you can work on your own spiritual health and wellness for yourself.

By the way, incase you haven’t guessed for yourself already, what’s called spirit can very much indeed be directly and experienced by anyone and everyone regardless of what religion or spiritual path they are a part of.

The truth is WITHIN YOU, and to experience it, you’ve simply got to go within yourself in some form or fashion.

The quickest way this is done is generally through some form of meditation of some kind, but there is more to it than that.

It’s really about your thoughts and working on yourself to have more loving and non-judgmental thoughts both with yourself and with others.

This is what it’s all about.

Over to you now:  I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this topic in the comments below!

Do you have any direct experience with spirit or what’s been discussed here?

I’d love to hear what you think regardless of your experiences, and if you’d like some recommendations on helpful paths to follow in order to maximize joy in your life, I can provide some of those as well!

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Be well.


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  1. XRJamesRS

    I have never been one to believe in spirituality. I know a large quantity of people who do, and they all can vouch for spiritual existence.

    I have, however, always been a believer that a happy mind = a happy body and vice versa. To this extent I can absolutely get behind the idea of spiritual health.

  2. Anthony Hu

    Thank you for your post. it is useful for anyone who want to succeed in their business and their life. The spiritual health is the strength to move your business and life forward.

    I agree with you that Spirituality is Real, which brings people the inner peace and inner strength in their life and has a direct impact on all of our lives in different forms.

    Spirit is reality. Though some people don’t recognize it, the spirit is around and brings joy, love, and happiness for them. Occasionally, the world is filled with suffers and chaos. The spirit of the world is always bright and is full of sunshine.

  3. Michael

    Thanks for this very in-depth article about spiritual awareness and how to have a happy one. Being a a Christian myself, your article basically said what the Bible teaches everyday in my opinion.

    That we have a soul, the world has fallen due to us human beings sinning — therefore we have diseases natural disasters war, crime, greed, etc.

    But written on our hearts is a moral code ( Ten Commandments ) so we know when we have done something wrong they will displease God and our souls.

    Therefore I think while it’s good to pray and repent for what we’ve done I think the soul seeks both happiness / justice — because someone can feel very happy for doing something very bad.

    Anyway thanks again for this great article and letting everyone know more about the soul and ways we can help it out. 🙂

  4. Sheddy Ovb

    Heloo I want to say a big thanks to you for  sharing this amazing article on what is spiritual health and wellness.

    This article has been really insightful and educating, it gave me a whole new different ideas of what spiritual health and wellness means. I so much agree with you that spirituality is real and all about realigning one’s mind to be in alignment with truth, reality, and spirit. Great work 

    I have been indeed impacted with so much knowledge.

  5. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there. I am delighted seeing article like this, that tends to enhance ones spiritual growth. It is pertinent to note that spiritual growth are in phases. A person will grow spiritually if he contniously eat from the food of the spirit (God’s word), unlike a person who never study is Bible will tends to remain stagnant in the spirit.

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