What is the Best Diet for Healthy Living? – (What Humans are Supposed to be Eating)

What is the best diet for healthy living?

This subject has always been so fascinating to me because there are so many people who not only want to know how to be healthy and how to lose weight, but also because there are so many who believe there is some diet ‘secret’ that the universe is hiding from people.

In all honesty, proper dieting is simple, though not necessarily EASY to practice (without a little self discipline anyway).

So let’s do a little test.

If you were asked to give your opinion on what we as human beings were SUPPOSED to be eating for optimum health, what would pop into your mind first?

Maybe something like fruits and veggies with lean proteins minus all the crap?

Well, you’d definitely be on the right track.

You might notice that what people are supposed to be eating are SIMPLE food choices that are pretty much what you’d expect from some good old fashioned common sense.

Well, yeah.

And healthy eating should be based around common sense and simplicity.

Didn’t Your Mother Tell You to Eat Your Veggies?

Greens and veggies.

That’s what it all boils down to when it comes to healthy eating.

No matter what diet trend or fad you’re trying to follow for your health, the inclusion of fruits and vegetables (perhaps  erring on the more conservative side when it comes to fruits due to the sugar) are essential and a no brainer.

And I know you probably don’t like to hear that.

I mean, sure there are plenty of people who love to eat vegetables as part of their healthy diet.

I like to be healthy myself, as it makes me feel GREAT.

But between you and me, if I had a choice I wouldn’t have anything to do with vegetables.

I eat them because I know I need to for my health, but that’s about as far as it goes.

The truth is, I wish I could eat cake and be perfectly healthy.

But alas!

The body needs greens and veggies to thrive and have optimum health.

SO, regardless of what diet your on or are testing out now, the number 1 thing you need to keep in mind for health is:  GREENS.


Greens and veggies are the absolute FUNDAMENTALS of being healthy and eating a healthy diet.

One of the coolest things I ever read in relation to diet and what the ‘best’ diet was for people is from the book Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

They say in the book that if our bodies are made up of something around 70% water, wouldn’t it make sense that we require foods that are 70% water?

And the foods that contain that much water are of course, fruits and vegetables.

I just thought the idea was so brilliant and yet made so much common sense to me that I never forgot it.

Interestingly, health gurus and even real gurus speak of the importance of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for all around health.

I’m sure it’s not a coincidence.

So, the first thing to keep in mind when trying to figure out what the best diet for healthy living is, is greens and veggies, but more importantly foods that are HIGH IN WATER CONTENT to both fuel your body with nutrients but also to keep it properly HYDRATED.

It’s All About Alkalinity

I’m sure there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the concept that our bodies need to be mostly alkaline to be healthy before.

If not, the truth is that the optimum state of our blood and bodies overall is for it to be mostly alkaline rather than acidic.

Once again, those foods that are going to bring us the most alkalinity are plant based foods like fruits and vegetables.

Those of us who are overweight and experience health issues are generally people that are eating a predominately acidic diet, making us more acidic in our bodies rather than alkaline.

The ideal is to keep a pH balance in our blood stream and system that is mostly alkaline, and the easiest way to do this is with lots of greens and fruits.

What Foods are Alkaline?

You might be getting a little sick and tired of hearing about fruits and vegetables at this point, but truly that should be the bulk and core of what we as human beings are eating on a regular basis.

They are not only chock-full of essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need, but they are filled to the brim with water.

Not only is there plenty of water within fruits and vegetable that serve to hydrate us, but the unique blend of water with the minerals and vitamins present in the fruit or vegetable you’re eating is something that can’t quite be duplicated by simply drinking a glass of water.

Not that drinking glasses of water isn’t a good thing to do, but I’m just saying that the hydration and water that one gets from eating fruits and vegetables is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.

Hmm, maybe mother nature knew what she was doing all along!

Of course, drinking green drinks such as wheat grass or any other green supplement can work wonders as well for your health and help to keep you in a state of alkalinity.

I’ll generally have a liter of wheat grass powder mixed in with some water daily, or another green supplement to keep my system alkaline and vibrant.

On top of eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water to cleanse your system, it is important to keep the acid producing foods out of your diet as well.

The biggest culprits of acid forming foods are as I’m sure you might be guessing, things like meat, sugar, alcohol, coffee, tobacco products and improperly combined foods.

The Science of Natural Hygiene

The science of natural hygiene is essentially the optimum science for what we need to be eating as human beings.

Of course, this comes from the book Fit for Life that I mentioned earlier, and if you are not familiar with it I highly recommend checking it out for yourself and adding it to your library.

Fit for Life goes all into the science of natural hygiene, and it does so a bit more in depth than what we’ve been touching on here.

Now aside from eating foods that are high in water content, which are mostly fruits and veggies, another big part of natural hygiene has to do with what’s known as proper food combining.

Proper food combining is really pretty simple.

Basically it says that ideally at a meal you should only be eating one concentrated food at a time.

And a concentrated food is anything that is NOT a fruit or a vegetable.

So, if you wanted to have some kind of meat for dinner one night, you’d ideally want to do that with a side of something that is not concentrated, like veggies.

The classic meal combo of meat and potatoes or something similar is where people start running into trouble, and here’s why:

Alkaline is used to break down starches like potatoes for example, while acid is used to break down things like meat in the stomach.

However, when BOTH acid AND alkaline are present in the stomach at the same time, they end up canceling each other out, creating all kinds of problems with the digestive process.

In a situation like this, instead of your body being able to properly digest your foods through each stage of the digestive process, the food doesn’t get digested properly at all and the body is forced to sort of just move the big mess through your system for elimination.

This is where you have those situations where you feel totally stuffed, bloated, and TIRED after having a meal.

You know, like a burger with fries and maybe a glass of beer.

So good yet SO bad!

Start Listening to Your Body’s Needs

Of course you can read all the various books on health and dieting that you want, but at the end of the day you’ve got to listen to what your body is telling you.

That is the way to know what you should be eating and what you should be avoiding.

Experiment with some things mentioned here such as increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, drinking more water, cutting back on those things which are acid producing, and properly combining your meals.

See how you feel with a little experimentation.

I can tell you I felt so amazing when trying these kinds of things.

My body was getting proper hydration as well as the proper vitamins and minerals it needs.

Because of this, my body was able to cleanse itself and process energy far better, leaving me to feel SO light, CLEAN, and BURSTING with ENERGY!

But really just start using some commons sense when it comes to foods and make sure you’re eating in a way that allows your body to properly process and digest what you’re feeding it.

Wrapping it Up

So to sum up what we’ve discussed here, the IDEAL diet for us to be eating is one that is:

  • Full of high water content foods like fruits and veggies
  • and properly combined foods for proper digestion

Incorporating this kind of system into your diet will allow you to be healthy by making sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs, while at the same time still being able to enjoy the foods that you like in moderation.

Being healthy and having a healthy diet does NOT mean you just have to exercise your butt off constantly (although who wouldn’t like to feel a bit lighter?) and only eat a strict healthy diet with nothing you can ever enjoy.

It’s just about moving around the WAY you eat a little bit while making sure you are providing your body with proper GREENS and HYDRATION.

That’s really the key.

So go ahead and enjoy a beer/burger/fries night once in a while, just make sure your body is predominately getting the nutrients and hydration it needs!

When you do this for yourself, even making simple changes in your diet, you’ll be AMAZED at how much better you feel overall and with how much ENERGY you have to get things done.

So, maybe your mama was onto something after all when telling you to eat your peas……

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  1. Brandon

    Wonderful perspective on this subject. We all know fruits and veges are the building block to a healthy lifestyle but for some reason we like to think we don’t know how to eat healthy. Or we think it is too expensive. It’s actually a lot cheaper to buy healthy food then it is to eat out every night. But that all comes down to making excuses. I think your outlook here is great and you’ve helped me learn a lot of new things. Thanks!

    1. I agree, I think if people started doing more grocery shopping and cooking at home, they’d find they’d feel better AND have more money to spare!

      Thanks for your reply!

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