What is the Biology of Belief? – Proof Your Thoughts Control Your Body’s Cells!

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What is the Biology of Belief?

It’s amazing how fast things are changing in our world, including in the area of science and what we understand about the world around us.  Many of the things we used to think we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt are turning out to be just the tip of the iceberg about the way things really are.

One pioneer in the burgeoning field of new biology is that of the famous Dr. Bruce Lipton.  Dr. Lipton has done incredible research in the area of biology and how it’s actually affected by consciousness.  His work culminated in a best selling book called The Biology of Belief.

The Biology of Belief Bridges the World’s of Biology and Quantum Physics

In this day and age you’re likely to hear people talking about quantum physics and how it’s the scientific link between the material world and the spiritual world.  However, just as many other physicists disagree with this idea and say that quantum physics has nothing to do with spirituality at all.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, however, is not in this group.  In fact, based on his research and experimentation, he has actually shown that ones thoughts really DO affect our material reality in the form of our cellular biology.

Where once it was thought that our cells alone were in command of our biological bodies, it has now come to light, thanks to Dr. Lipton, that it’s actually our DNA that affects our cells which in turns determines what happens to our bodies.

That part may not be too surprising or shocking, but what IS a bit surprising and fascinating, is that Dr. Lipton discovered that the DNA in our cells is actually influenced and controlled by OUTSIDE signals which he found originate with our THOUGHTS!


Think about that.  That’s unbelievable.  It is now scientifically proven that our thoughts can influence and maybe even control our physical bodies.

How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

So if our thoughts influence our DNA and in turn our cells and bodies are influenced, the question is how much more do our thoughts have influence over?

Is it possible our thoughts have influence over the world around us?  And then the question is, do our thoughts influence the world around us, or do our thoughts CREATE the world around us in the first place?

There are certainly many paths, teachings, and teachers that talk about how our thoughts create reality.  However, it is not quite as common to have someone with the credentials and expertise in the realm of science actually provide evidence that our thoughts and consciousness are actually the source of many things in our lives, our cells and bodies included.

If Our Thoughts Influence Our Bodies, Should We Start Thinking Healthy to be Healthy?

Of course I’m not saying we can just sit on the couch and think healthy thoughts and we’ll have the body of our dreams.

What I am saying is, is it possible that if we rearranged our thinking patterns and our focus mentally to support and envision health, that our thoughts and focus would give us a radical advantage when exercising and working out to get fit?

Would changing our thinking actually help to get rid of fat and to help us to get rid of certain food cravings and addictions and replace them with an actual desire for healthy food?

I think if we’re listening to what Dr. Lipton has to say, that the answer is undoubtedly yes.

Frankly, what would it hurt to start changing our thoughts and focus about our bodies and health anyway in conjunction with our diet and exercise routine?  What could it hurt?

I’m gonna start trying it.

Dr. Lipton’s Work in the Biology of Belief is Just the Beginning

Without a doubt Dr. Lipton’s work is amazing and revolutionary in our understanding of not only our bodies and minds but of consciousness itself.

That’s not to say that we have even scratched the tip of the iceberg as far as what consciousness is, but we are beginning now to have SCIENTIFIC evidence that consciousness is actually the CAUSE of certain things rather than the effect.

Not to get all religious or anything, but hasn’t there been a lot of talk from various religious texts of certain people performing miracles and talking about issues of prayer, belief, and faith?

You know, like turning water into wine, manifesting things, and of walking on water?  What if what Dr. Lipton and other quantum physicists stumbled upon here was the doorway to not just a whole new world, but a whole new universe and an entirely new way of existing and living life?

What if our bodies and the world we live in were just dreams of thought and all we had to do was to learn how to master our minds to have our reality be whatever we wanted?

Such ideas used to be mere fantasy and perhaps the thoughts of a child.  But according to the mystical figures of the worlds religions, quantum physics, and now Dr. Lipton, THOUGHT and consciousness is really at the heart of EVERYTHING.

If our thoughts our actually in control of our bodies and our realities, maybe we should start paying a bit more attention to our thoughts and where our internal focus is….

Check Out Dr. Lipton’s Amazing Work Today

Regardless of your thoughts on spirituality and quantum physics, Dr. Lipton’s work that is The Biology of Belief is an absolute must read.

I would argue that it’s not only a game changer, but that it has practical explanations and applications to our lives.

Who knows, something in the book might be the trigger that serves to change your entire outlook on yourself, your mind, and your life, and in turn changes EVERYTHING.

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