What is the Key to Happiness in Life? – 3 Tips for Finding Happiness in Your Life!

These days, it’s quite common to hear the question:  are you happy?  Pretty much everywhere.

It seems like a noble question to ponder as we move through our day to day lives.

Some of us may know the answer, while others may not be so sure.

But for the sake of clarity here, why don’t we take just a moment and ask ourselves:  just what IS the key to happiness in life?

HAPPINESS!  (It’s All the Rage)

Happy happy!

Btw, ARE you happy?

What is happiness anyway?

And why is it that so many of us seem to be unhappy regardless of what’s going on around us, or of whether or not we are ‘successful’ in life?

Is it important to be happy?

And if it IS important to be happy, why does it seem to be so difficult to find it?

Well, I’m no expert or spiritual guru over here, but as it happens I can tell you regular person to regular person that there IS such a thing as happiness, and I have found out how to access it.

And wouldn’t you know it?

It really IS within us.

Crazy huh?

The First Key to Happiness:  What You are Seeking is WITHIN You (literally)

So this brings us to our first key of finding happiness in your life.

The truth is, and as cliche as it sounds, happiness really is within each one of us.

Now, I can’t tell you why it’s set up that way, but for WHATEVER reason, it seems like what we’ve been looking for is in a place we’d never think to look:  within each one of us.

And all the while we are running around in the world like chickens with our heads cut off trying to find this elusive ‘something’ that never seems to show itself no matter what we do or what we try.

It’s kind of funny it’s like even if you go to a therapist and sit down and just sit forward and engage the therapist or doctor and say, “hey doc, why am I not happy?”, the therapist is likely to try to philosophize on why this is or try to help you find the reason.

But do they really know?

Are THEY happy?

In my journey to try to unravel this mystery, I have seen and directly experienced, that happiness really doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the world we’re in.

That’s definitely one thing I’d say we all need to start to realize.

I mean if we’re really serious about happiness and actually finding it and experiencing it, at some point we really do have to find some way to go within ourselves.

And I know when we are talking about going within to find happiness, the image that usually pops into our heads is some kind of meditation technique (and honestly that’s pretty much where we’re going here).

But it really is true.

So I guess I’d say that meditation of some kind (it can be any technique that allows you to go within and simply BE in the presence of your inner self) IS the first key to happiness.

I mean, in all honesty.

For real.

Now, I have experimented with and practiced a number of different methods for going within:

And really these are all methods for simply calming the mind down and allowing us to go within to experience the peace and joy that is in there.

I experienced different levels of peace and joy with each method, but Kriya Yoga was by far the most potent and powerful for giving me the experience of inner peace and bliss.

But again, any method or technique for turning the mind within will do.

Even in the Christian world, while there is much talk AGAINST meditation for whatever reason, Jesus himself says in the Bible that the kingdom of heaven is within.

Well if the kingdom of heaven is within, how are we supposed to get there WITHOUT doing SOME kind of meditation???

So that’s the first key.

You gotta find a way to go within.


There IS bliss and joy and love within you that is somewhat indescribable as far as where it comes from or whatever, but I can tell you it IS there and if you go within you too will find it.

The Second Key to Happiness:  Self-Love

So the first key is finding a way to go within yourself.

The mind WILL resist you trying to go within so it does require a little self effort and discipline on your end, but it WILL yield results I promise.

Now the second key is really self love.

You may have heard something like this from different sources for emotional health and well-being, but the fact is self love is really at the heart of both emotional health and well-being as well as spirituality.

NOW, taking some time for yourself to do some kind of meditation IS a powerful form of self love in and of itself.

But we’ve got just a bit more work to do when it comes to self love because of how complicated we are as beings.

Really I’ve boiled down our universal needs down into 7 categories:

  1. Physical health and well-being
  2. Mental health and well-being
  3. Emotional health and well-being
  4. Personal health and well-being
  5. Social health and well-being
  6. Financial health and well-being
  7. Spiritual health and well-being

And in all honesty making sure that each of these areas is being adequately tended to and addressed is how we practice self love in the highest way.

You’ll also notice that these are also the 7 major areas of The Being Tree model.

When all seven areas are being adequately taken care of and tended to, we will be doing our best at making sure we are getting self love.

We will be getting our needs met by tending to our own inner being tree, and THIS is how to give ourselves self love in FULL.

Yes, getting exercise and drinking plenty of water during the day, making sure we’re eating right etc, IS one area of self love and care that a lot of us are doing anyway.

But if we’re looking for REAL happiness and fulfillment, we’ve really got to make sure we are getting ALL of these major areas met.

So for example, getting our mental health needs met includes things like becoming aware of our daily thoughts of self judgment and criticism and of training ourselves to be more compassionate and loving with ourselves in our own thoughts.

It’s making sure we are taking time, at least a little each day or at the bare minimum once a week, where we are getting our emotional needs met.

It’s about having a healthy social life with healthy and uplifting people, and it’s also about having a solid spiritual life to boot.

When all of these major areas are being taken care of we are doing our utmost BEST at giving ourselves love.

And when we do all this and make sure these major areas are covered, and THEN we add in a meditation method, you will be AMAZED at how awesome you feel on every level of your being.

The Third Key:  Conserving Sensual Attractions and Indulgences

Alright so admittedly this key sounds a bit eastern or yogic, but just bear with me here for a second and I’ll explain.

If you’re familiar with any body of yoga at all, you will often hear that we are to sort of ‘fast’ on our senses and our sensory indulgences.

In other words, the pleasures, habits, and addictions we have in the areas of sight, taste, touch, sound etc, are actually SAPPING a lot of our inner energy and natural bliss.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but it’s true!

Think about a particular habit you have or have dealt with.

Have you ever gone overboard with indulging in something (you know, like food for example),  and then afterwards you feel terrible?

Have you ever watched too much tv or too many movies all in a row and felt like you wanted to pull your hair out and close your eyes for a while?

Well this is the kind of thing we’re talking about here.

I don’t claim to have all the answers as to WHY this is the case (I’m thinking the explanation gets a bit mystical), but the fact is indulging in our senses too much is detrimental to our energy, and even to our health and happiness!

Try it.

Give it a shot.

Start eating healthier foods and LESS foods at the same time.

Try going AGAINST what your sensory impulses are guiding you to do, and then see how you feel after a day or two.

This even applies to the area of sexual energy.

Now I’m not saying you’ve got to become a monk or anything, but try to go a week or two with NO sexual indulgences whatsoever, and notice how you feel at the end of a week or two.

I can tell you from direct personal experience that I feel WAYYYYY better.

If I abstain from sex or orgasm of any kind, I find that I have WAY more energy and for whatever reason I just FEEL more inner joy, more inner strength, more inner clarity.

I don’t know WHY it works, but I’m telling you it does.

Then you start to think to yourself, wait a minute….maybe those yogis who are always talking about watching what we eat and being conservative with our sexual lives were onto something.

Maybe the guidance they were giving us were to maximize our own HAPPINESS!

Wrapping it Up

Alright, so there you have it.

3 keys to start gaining some HAPPINESS in your life!

To review, those 3 keys are:

  1. Get a way to go within yourself regularly with some form of meditation.
  2. Self love by taking care of the 7 major areas of our lives.
  3. Conserve sensual attractions and indulgences.

They’re only 3 keys but I PROMISE you if you start working on these areas a little bit, even just ONE of these areas, you’ll start to notice that you feel a bit more joyful and happy within yourself on a regular basis.

That’s IT!

THAT’S your happiness.

So yes, happiness DOES exist, and it CAN be found by everyone.

You’ve just got to spend a little time with yourself on a regular or semi-regular basis.

Meditate a little or just take some time daily to have a little quiet time where you turn off the outside world as well as your thoughts.

Start being a little nicer to yourself and making SURE that you are getting your NEEDS met! (Physical, mental, emotional, personal, social, financial, and spiritual!).

And start experimenting with conserving your sensual attractions and your desire to indulge them.

If you can follow these 3 keys all the way, you WILL find your inner happiness.

And then you’ll say, wow how bout that, happiness really IS within me!

It’s true.

And you’re worth every drop of happiness that you can find.

So what are you waiting for?

Turn within and start tapping into your own inner wellspring of happiness now!

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