Why it’s Important to Take Time for Yourself! – 3 Reasons to Focus on YOU!


How are you today?

I hope you’re doing well.

And if not, that’s ok too.

The fact is, YOU matter, and it’s important that you know that.

It’s also important for you to take time for yourself in this busy and hectic world we live in these days, so you can fill YOU up and have something to give the rest of the world.

Here we’re going to take a look at WHY it’s important to take time for yourself!

YOU are Important!  (And Probably More Than You Know…)

Many of us have been taught either directly or indirectly, for whatever reason, that WE are not that important or valuable.

Take a look around at the people you’ve seen in your life.

Aren’t there a lot of people who either aren’t happy or who think they aren’t good enough?

Maybe you are one of them yourself.

From our earliest years we are taught to obey our parents, to do what we’re told, to go to school and get good grades so we can eventually get into a good college and THEN into a great job so we can fulfill OTHER people’s needs in the forms of working on helping other people’s businesses run AND send some of our money to the government too!

Oh, and don’t forget about your parents, your kids if you have any, your significant other, the dog, your neighbors……you get the idea.

And I’m certainly not saying that any of this is BAD per se, but as you can see, there wasn’t really any time where anyone said, hey, why don’t you take a little time just for YOU today and see what’s important to you and what you’d really like to be doing?

Why don’t you just take a little time for yourself just to BE?

Are your inner needs being met?

Do you feel fulfilled and happy?

Even in religion we are told to focus on EVERYONE else and to deny ourselves.

Of course selfless service to others is certainly a great thing both for you AND the other people involved.

But didn’t Jesus himself say that we are to love our neighbors AS ourselves?

And how can we love and care for our neighbors if we aren’t loving or taking care of ourselves?

The bottom line is, we are important enough to spend time and focus on ourselves on a regular basis.

We have the right to be happy and to make sure that we are getting our needs met at the same time.

Don’t believe me?

That’s ok.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons WHY taking time for yourself is important.

1.  You Need Love, Fuel, and ENERGY in Order to Thrive in Life

In order to do all the things we need to do in life AND make sure that everyone else around us is taken care of as well, we NEED fuel.

And I don’t just mean food.

We need MORE than just food and water.

We need to be FILLED with LOVE.

We need to be FILLED with LIFE.

Ok, you might be saying to yourself, sounds nice but also a bit abstract.

What exactly do you mean by being filled with love and life?

Well, believe it or not, many of the wisest people who have ever walked the face of this planet have said that life IS love, and that love is JOY.


That feeling of joy within when we have it, is our connection to life AND our true selves.

This is our REAL juice.

When you feel joy you feel fulfilled don’t you?

And haven’t you ever felt so filled to the brim with happiness from the joy you feel that you just want to share it with others?

The FEELING of joy is a simple way for us to KNOW that we are headed in the right direction for our own life path.

It’s funny you know, people are wandering the earth trying to figure out:

  • How to be happy
  • How to get their emotional needs met
  • How to find fulfillment in life
  • How to find true love etc.

But all of these questions are ALL answered with JOY itself.

SO, we’ve just got to make sure we are getting our fill of joy in our daily lives.

We’ve got to make sure we are connected to that on a regular and ideally a continual basis.

When we’re not feeling joyful, it’s because we are out of sync with ourselves, and we are not adequately taking care of US.

Not your body.



Just your pure being and essence.

You see, you might think this part of you doesn’t matter or that you’re not worthy of time attention love focus etc.

But this is what I’m saying to you.


And you’ll find that when you are taking time for yourself so that you get your fill of joy for the day, you’ll be charged with what you need to take care of everything else in your day to day life!

And then people will say wow I don’t know what it is about Tom or Carol, but they are ALIVE with passion and energy and I’m diggin’ their vibe!

That’s because (spoiler alert) JOY is the true nature of ALL of us.

We resonate with it.

So that’s reason number one as to why it’s important to take time for yourself.

You’ve got to CHARGE.

You’ve got to be HAPPY.

You’ve got to be connected to that natural flow of life force that flows through the universe.

(yeah I’ve seen Star Wars once or twice….)

So let’s take a look at reason number 2!

2.  Taking Time For Yourself is HOW You Get Your Emotional Needs Met

The second main reason why you want to take time for yourself is that this is how you go about getting your emotional needs met.

Now some people (you know, like guys) might think that sounds a little froo froo.

But hear me out.

Our emotional needs are how we get to that place where we fill happy and WHOLE in and of ourselves.

It’s how we stay in harmony with ourselves, and are able to be our best selves.

Have you ever seen somebody (and maybe this has been you on one or more occasions), where they go from relationship to relationship, trying to get that ‘something’ from being ‘in love’, but it always turns out that they are attracting unhealthy, unavailable, or toxic people into their lives?

And WHY is that?

It’s honestly really very simple:  it’s because they feel an inner need that they are trying to fulfill and they believe that this comes from OTHER people.

In other words, their emotional needs aren’t being met.

They aren’t happy.

BUT, the good news is there’s an easy remedy for this.

You guessed it:  you’ve GOT to start taking time out for yourself and making sure your needs are being met.

And what ARE our emotional needs anyway?

Well, if we get right down to it, our emotional needs are really the needs to be seen and heard.

You know, to be acknowledged.

To be valued.

To be understood.

To be LOVED.

And how does this really happen if we aren’t SEEING and LISTENING to our own selves?

We’ve got to start with us.

Now I’m not saying we should all become completely selfish and ONLY focus on us.

But we DO need to include ourselves in our care and love.

We’ve got to get our emotional needs met for ourselves, and so that we eventually can find that someone that really DOES complement us and that we can potentially have a nice relationship with.

It’s gotta be like, two WHOLE people who EACH know how to get their own needs met on their own (this is healthy) who can then love and appreciate each other and share their life together.

This is how it’s done in relationships.

But it’s also how it’s done with YOU in and of yourself.

We’ve got to get our emotional needs met to be healthy, happy, and thriving people, and making sure to take time for yourself on a regular basis is how this is done.

3.  Taking Time for Yourself is How Happiness is Found

We are all after happiness in life whether consciously or unconsciously.

It’s interesting, if you notice there seems to be a correlation between those who are running here and there doing this and that in life looking for all kinds of different forms of happiness or fulfillment, but these are also the same people who never seem to find it.

Interesting isn’t it?

It’s as if we are constantly doing things in the world in order to try to find happiness and peace, and everyone who’s doing it never seems to find what they are looking for.

Life is indeed mysterious.

The truth is, the people who are searching in the world for all kinds of experiences and pleasures and who are seeking happiness never find it because the happiness they are seeking is within them.

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Oh man, are you going to tell me I have to renounce the world and become monk and start meditating for hours on end during the day?

No, that’s not what I’m saying.

But what I AM saying, is that going within through some form of meditation, and taking time for yourself, are pretty close to being one and the same thing.

It’s the JOY we are after in life.

It’s this joy that fulfills us and makes us happy.

And it very much is indeed WITHIN us.

Now taking time for yourself doesn’t have to include meditation.

It can just be spending some time focusing on YOU, on your inner self.

It could be taking a walk, or reading a nice book that you enjoy, or maybe working in the garden or something.

It could just be going to the movies or watching one of your favorite shows.

Remember:  whatever you do, it’s all about taking time for YOU.

And when you do this, you will notice that you start to feel a certain sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment from taking a little time for yourself.

And hey, maybe you do decide to take up some form of meditation to go within yourself and find ever increasing levels of joy in and of itself.

But you don’t have to if you don’t feel called to do that.

Just take a little time for yourself, and you’ll find you start to find that inner sense of satisfaction and joy that you’ve been after all along…..

Wrapping it Up


So we’ve got 3 MAJOR reasons why it’s important for you to start taking time for yourself:

  1. It’s how you fill yourself with LIFE and ENERGY in order to be productive in the world.
  2. It’s how you get your emotional needs met.
  3. And it’s how you will find happiness for yourself.

It’s only 3 reasons but they certainly sound like they pack a punch!

Energy, emotional health, AND happiness?

You know what they say, you reap what you sew.

And based on what we’ve explored here, going within and taking some time for yourself in some way is how you start sewing the seeds for the eventual harvest of happiness to sprout in your life.

So what do you think now?

Do you think there might be some value in taking some time for yourself?

Try it out!

And don’t worry about trying to be perfect or taking a whole bunch of time for yourself every single day.

Maybe just start with a few minutes a day where your focus is you and what brings you the most joy.

I promise it will become a habit that you will start to cultivate more and more.

So over to you…..what do you think about taking some time for yourself?

Do you think this is something you could see yourself start doing if you aren’t already?

Perhaps you already have been taking time for yourself.

If so, what benefits have you seen from it in your life?

I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!

By the way, if you haven’t done so already, I’d REALLY appreciate it if you signed up on my email list!

I have a FREE monthly newsletter that I will be sending out and I would love it if I could share it with you!

Other than that I hope you enjoy the rest of your day or night, and remember that you matter.



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  1. Nuttanee

    I think self-love (take time for yourself) is the most important that you can do for yourself. You cannot achieve your goals if you do not take care of what you need first, in my opinion. I have been taking time to myself lately now that I finally have time but I found that changing my train of thoughts or my values (social acceptance) is easier said that done in my opinion.

    I know in my heart that if I forgive myself more and do more good things to myself I will be more productive and happier but I cannot help but have all these thoughts popping up that I have to be a certain way (mostly from what I see from the main stream medias or from my parents) to be considered as a successful adult. Taking a break or self care are considered selfish in my family and I grew up in that environment and man, it is hard to change my thoughts.

    Thanks to your post, I will keep on focusing the pros of the self care instead of trying to make sense of the values that mostly justify my life. 

    I got too deep today lol anyways thanks for an awesome post. 

  2. Brandy

    Excellent reminders, and love the way you wright! You have a very warm and compassionate feeling in your writing, that makes a person feel inspired and encouraged. 

    Do you have any suggestions for how to feel joy daily? Some days are good, while other days, I have a hard time being happy, and find myself asking “what is making me feel this way, and why can I not be happy right now?”

    Completely agree with you about making time for yourself. Having a farm, being a wife and mother of two, while also working and starting my own business, means that it can be very difficult for me to find quiet time for myself to reflect. Often times I have to stay up late while everyone else is sleeping, in order to have my quiet time, but then it leaves me with not getting enough sleep, which is a whole other issue. Every day I find more creative ways though to try and focus on me, because I most definitely notice when my tank is running low or on empty. 

    Thank you for the wonderful reminders to take time for myself, and not feel guilty while doing so. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    I totally agree that taking time out for yourself is a must. In order for you to work properly you need to feel right in yourself.i spent many years with our teenage daughters trying to teach them exactly this.  It is difficult for others to love you if you don’t love yourself. You are so worth it. 

  4. Terence

    Thank you for the great reminder to focus on myself! I’m definitely writing the 3 points you mentioned somewhere visible so that I can remind myself that I am worth it, and I need to take time for myself to get energy, emotional health and happiness.

    Also that reminds me.. I need to get back to my daily meditation practice as well. Me time is definitely important!

  5. Kevwe

    Basically we need to have time for ourselves so as not to break down. This process is also beneficial in the sense that, you will be well relax,refresh and also you will be stabilized.

    This process also make’s you lessen your burden, calm your nerves so as to make your blood pressure stable and normal so as to avoid high blood pressure, which is very harmful to the human health.

  6. Ann

    Hi! This post has made my stop and think about how I have been having time for everybody else during so many years but I haven’t been having time for me. I like that there is a magnificent opportunity with this stay at home policy right now, to find ourselves. To spend time with ourselves.

    Great read. I needed it. Thank you!

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